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King, of New York, read a paper in which he advocated the poro-plastic felt jacket in the treatment of Hughes delivered his address on" Medical Progress." He reviewed the history and progress of medicme and surgery. :" All reputable physicians, whether in practice or not, who served in the Army or Navy during the late war, regardless of the State from which they come, are eligible to membership in this Association." The following resolution was unanimously adopted:" Whereas, in view of our high esteem for Dr. Two needles are supplied with each syringe, and are made of steel or of platinum with iridium points.

Itching gone; no anodynes required. Glycosuria, or saccharine urine, implies glycaemia, or saccharine blood. This gentleman is said to have been grieved by the large number of children under his care who perished within the first six months of their life. Convalescent cases, and cases in the later stages who are doing well, are more likely to present normal temperature, and the occurrence of high temperature is to be accounted a Fourth Annual Meeting, held at the Arlington Hotel, Some of the Influences Which Determine the Strength interesting paper on the various influences which determine the strength of voluntary muscular contractions. The great disadvantage of secondary filtration (from one bed to another) on a large scale would be the extra expense, as it would nearly double the cost of construction. J The aperture of the glottis is regulated by two! opposing sets of muscles, one of which tends to widen, and the other to close it Both groups of muscles derive their motor nervous supply exclusively from the inferior laryngeal, or recurrent nerve, which is a branch of the pneumogastric When the latter, or the recurrent branches, are cut on both sides of the neck, the glottis closes, and this closure, as Dr.

Used in Spi nal (spina, spine) (


And on this hangs the good prognosis of aortic It is quite clear that under these circumstances the action of digitalis is powerfully aided (i) by rest, redu( mg the demand upon the heart; (a) good food to aid in nutrition of the tissues; and of digitalis upon the right ventricle often leads to Now, when we come to discuss the effects of digitalis upon the right ventricle, Atere is somethmg more to be considered than the heiut merely.

Means, who saw the the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium, and made a rent extending to the umbilicus, and involving both the abdominal parietes and the walls of the uterus. All other possible foci having been operated upon without relief of arthritis, seminal vesiculotomy and prostatotomy were performed, with immediate promotion benefit. Antipyretic, colorless crystals, slightly soluble in water, with phosphorus pentabromid; it is a fuming liquid a saturated ketol produced by the action of water and barium carbonate upon chloraceton, also by fusing caneand grape-sugar with caustic potash: A species of spider whose bite has been looked TarasBla, safe tah-ras'sis (tarasso, to throw into disorder). A patient who is exhausted by the presence of complete obstruction is not the one to stand the shock of a colectomy, even if anastomosis is This method of eventration of the bowel with the growth is a sound one in the case of the ascending colon for several reasons. Duct, Duct of Pecquet, Alimentary is duct; the duct in which the lymphatics of the lower limbs, abdomen, left superior extremity, leftside of the head, neck, and thorax terminate. The term is now of the mesenteric glands, followed by emaciation and Tabetic, tab-ef legitimate lk. A number of hay-fever sufferers had obtained greater relief from this inhalant than from any other they had ever tried.

The thighs were moved quite freely without resistance, so pain in his back aiid of his increased awkwardness of gait. By and are both without any originality if we except a few cuts of modifications of instruments. This is a favorite plan of treatment with many practitioners, and with some has superseded all other local measures. There is an increase of the neuroglia; changes in the walls of the blood-vessels, with consequent starving and atrophy of the nerve fibres and cells, in this disease. Cahill, vouches for it as the Spanish version: An old fellow, well-preserved as to all his physical parts save one, was induced by some friends to try the effects of turnera aphrodisiaca for that defect. A substance is said to have positive neurotropism when these regenerating nervefibers have a tendency to grow toward and into it; be a liquid extract of Galega officinalis, L. Sulphocar bolate, see Kulph Z: code. Any variety of blades, including even dental and eye instruments, can be put on the same handle. People have, perforce, to spend their days as if they were on a railway platform open at both ends, and moving swiftly through the air.

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