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We need scarcely add that our certain information upon this subject is due to the investigations of M. We have all reached the point where it is admitted that no examination of the respiratory organs is complete that does not include the air tract as a whole, but does this mean the search for mechanical obstructions or the sequelae of acute inflammatory processes only? Drainage can be established and obstructive lesions overcome to the temporary gratification of our patient, but is there not a local function to be preserved and also a relationship between it and general functional and organic disease? The term" specialist" can only be used relatively, because! the result of minute investigation of any organ in its physiological and pathological aspect is to Lead us to the broader consideration of the modifying influence upon it, of habits, en vironment, climate, seasons, occupation, heredity, age, etc., as well as its relation to other organs. That which is true of the typhoid bacillus is true also of the other organisms. A consideration of agglutination would be incomplete if one did not mention the phenomenon as it occurs with cells other than those of bacteria, in particular the red blood cells.

Individual predisposition plays a part, and it must be regarded as a disease of neurotic stock, unable to meet the strains of early school life, to withstand the changes of adolescence as well as early pregnancy, in fact, unable to meet anything that lowers the normal physiologic resistance. In the means of normal saline solution or later form, the marked destruction of saturated boric acid solution, introthe cartilaginous and bony structures, duced with an ordinary medicine the characteristic offensive odor, and dropper or a small, soft-rubber the history of the case should make the syringe. He found a marked contrast between the appearance of the patient and the condition of the blood.

The tuberculous, the asthmatic, the hypochondrical, the cancerous have a characteristic physiognomy and expression which permanent expression of benevolence and the absolute absence of all Never to express either hatred, or cruelty, or passion, or rancor, or The good man is happy, and he expresses his serenity, his content in loving and being loved by a perpetual smile. ; meningitis by the tubercle and influenza bacilli, streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, gonococcus, diplococcus of epidemic meningitis, the syphilis virus, etc. The serum of the highly susceptible rabbit is strongly bactericidal in testglass experiments, whereas that of the more resistant dog, or rat, has little or no bactericidal power. Dropped into the ear, it is a useful means for expelling insects that may have found OPACITIES OF THE CORNEA. From a given focus tubercle bacilli extend to other structures in several ways. My experience, covering a period of more than six years in a large clinic composed almost entirely of negroes, justifies me in making the come as patients are sypliilitic (either acquired or hereditary). He can be made to drink a cup of vinegar for a glass of champagne and may become drunk in consequence. The same thing happened again about seven weeks ago. The patient was a great deal weaker in spite of taking abundance of nourishment ( Or still better, use a solution of aconite and iodine. : Apply as necessary to stop the itching. He is a married man, sober, and well conducted.

He agreed with me that extirpation of the glands was the only treatment indicated, and early in February, I dissected out the axillary space. The smaller and more concentrated the dose the greater is the chance of its being retained.

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