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Date Added: January 08, 2020
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The present one is eminently useful.

The author had been called to see a child login aged six months, apparently in a dying condition from the effects of some narcotic poison. LIGHT (Separately or Sanax Outfits for Flash, Instantaneous, Tele- and Time Exposures, for Screen Examination, and for Therapeutic Treatment. The muscular wasting was most noticeable about the shoulder and hip joints. Epigastric pain occurring in patients with coronary disease demonstrated post mortem, which they look upon as directly cardiac in origin, abdominal pain of this kind may be due to arterial disease, sometimes in the heart, sometimes in the alimentary tract. WITH DEAFNESS, CURED AOKAL SURGEON TO THE PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL, CONSULTING AURIST TO THE PENNSYLVANIA INSTITUTE FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB, LECTURER ON OTOLOGY IN THE WOMAN'S MEDICAL In a paper on"Purulent Inflammation of the Tympanic Attic," read at a special meeting of the American Otological Society, held in Washington, of this disease of the ear, I said, in referring to the comparative uselessness of all means of treatment heretofore used in this disease, and of the encouraging results promised by excision of the membrana,"although I have not yet performed such an operation for the relief of this disease, I feel sure that hereafter I can obtain a radical cure most surely by and I am prepared thus to inform my patients, as this form of purulency of the middle ear, from its proximity to the brain, js the most threatening to life, and demands a careful consideration of every Case XX., alluded to in the aforesaid paper as then under treatment, remained under treatment a year without being cured, and forms the subject of the present paper. I wish here to state, that in my experience I have found iodoform, if properly sterilized, of very great advantage in the dressings of all surgical wounds, but especially in those made upon scrofulous tubercular and syphilitic subjects. By degrees, four teacupfuls of water were introduced within the bag, changing its characteristic shape into that of a globular balloon about eleven centimetres in diameter. The characteristic of the convulsions which are called" hysterical,"" hysteroid,"t" hystero-epileptic," or" hysteria major," is, as stated in the introductory chapter, that the spasmodic movements are of a more or less co-ordinated character, such as may be produced by the will. One case the day of operation the temperature to nearly normal and an improvement in all the symptoms. The fact that the development of fibroids must be watched over such a long period of time, in order to have any authentic and certain records as to their causation and natural history, makes it extremely difficult to get any positive knowledge of the habits of these neoplasms. Whatever difference of opinion may exist theoretically as to the cause of puerperal septicoeqaia, practically it seems pretty well agreed that the infectious matter, whether animate or inanimate, comes directly or indirectly from without, and is absorbed through some lesion in the parturient canal. At the annual Congress of the German Rontgen Society at Berlin the recommendations of Albers-Schonberg regarding the status of Rontgenology were carried unanimously. The following case is of interest because of the age of the patient and the mode of reduction: admitted he was suffering from a large strangulated left scrotal hernia.

I observed the same phenomena some months later in Miles.

There is nothing inside the peritoneum: proving that the view I took many years ago was the correct specimen proves it completely.

That no patients be entitled to free treatment whose hospital maintenance is provided for, (including society patients paid for by lodges) except as an and of the various diNpensaries be kept on file and not taken away by the relieve the patient until his family physician or substitute arrives when the further care of the case is handed over to him unless it be a case which will receive a municipal order when it is to lie treated by the usual especially when there is an accident insurance carried on employees be carefully looked into and any abuses remedied. To this general rule there is one exception; if, owing to heart-block by digitalis or organic disease of the auriculoventricular connecting bundle, the irregularly generated impulses are altogether stopped in their passage from auricle to ventricle, the result is an idioventricular rhythm, regular and slow (thirty to forty per minute). The daily clinical teaching is most systematic, and it is one of the boasts of McGill medical school and the Montreal General Hospital that nowhere on this continent is so much attention paid to clinical teaching, and in no other hospital have students such great clinical advantages. On room, pale with dismay, and announced that fire had just broken out in Stockholm and was burning jobs fiercely; thajt he feared for the safety of his home and family. The higher position is better from the standpoint of firm union. Clini cally they are small, hard, painless, nodulated tumors, freely movable, of slow growth, and apt to affect middleaged married women who have suckled a number of children.

Rheumatism acts as an excitant to chorea by the selective action of toxins upon the motor cells of the cortex, functional afiections being caused, but no structural the chief points in reference to the prophylaxis of rheumatic hyperpyrexia: imder full doses of the salicyl compounds, and in which no intercurrent condition can be detected which might account for the increasing pyrexia, should be treated at once by cold applications without waiting for the and no intercurrent visceral complication can be made out which miffht to be adapted without waiting for any extreme degree of pyrexia (e.g., accidentally discovered to be present offer, of coarse, no field whatever for prophylaxis, but treatment by cold should be commenced at once without waiting for the appearance of nervous symptoms or attempting to reduce the temperature by means of any antipyretic drugs.

In the extra-peritoneal variety there may be fifty different causes, such as sudden arrest of menstruation by chill, etc., but I fancy the worst cases I have seen of this kind have been caused by a tubal pregnancy rupturing into the broad ligament.

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