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Calculi are more frequently encountered in the right kidney than in the left, owing possibly to its being more freely movable, and stones in kidney and ureter of the same side, and stones in both kidneys and ureters are not infrequent. So far from our knowledge of the materia medka being completed, the turiacr of the ground has scarcely been scratched in this all-import ant province. Prolonged baby excessive administration of tobacco induces arrhythmia and intermission. In surgery, noise of fractured bones when moved in certain directions; detected by the immediate application of the ear or by the use of gender the stethoscope. If there is considerable thickening, as there always is if the tumor has by been of long duration, evacuation of the sac and subsequent counter-irritants will often effect a cure.

Phlegmonous or cedematous swellings, sores or ulcers on the lips of the vulva, and on the vulvar and vaginal mucosae. Ulcerations and sloughs are common on the internal mucosae, and even on the serosse:

That portion of the large intestine which extends from the caecum to the rectum: quiz. In all forms of dysentery death usually results from asthenia.

Too often, under the present system, such exercises are continued so as to tire the child, and even to give pain; but this is a great mistake, and such exercise ought to be made pleasurable, instead of being looked upon as bad as a punishment. It is an ingredient of explosive gases, but to what extent? The laboratorv work of the au thor and Poppenberg: has due shown that the gas given oir hemoglobin being chemically altei'ed. Fi'bres, fibres of basilar calendar membrane of cochlea. Relating to both acromion week processes.

In the case of the vagal and glossopharyngeal neurons the afferent impulses impinge with greatest effect upon the vomiting center, causing nausea, vomiting, and the distress that accompanies them: under.

One attack renders an individual more liable to another. Until we know more of the natural or morbid brain action in relation to structural changes which are taking place in the ph.vsical brain cells under normal influences and under toxic influences, the time will not have arrived for a satisfactory basis for psychic therapy (subchorionic). Again, the shaking is an essential part of the process. Laryngitis is not uncommon: the voice becomes husky and the cough fatal. When this was not properly performed, or when the acid content of the blood appeared greater than"neutral" names death ensued automatically. Squibb kept out of quarrels and avoided animosity by confining his business to a limited area. Potassium bromide is often a useful adjunct. Hair-like; very small or pregnancy fine. To my great astonishment and and fearing a restitution I decided to ter The patient was anesthetized. It often date appears in spring in connection with the melting of the winter's snows, the occurence of freshets, and the washing out of soil infection which would otherwise remain buried. Of Bur'dach, upper Cin'gulum (cingo, to gird):

A circumscribed collection of serous fluid ovulation beneath the raised epidermis; also vesicant, vesicat ory, blister plaster; a substance which, when applied to the skin, irritates it and occasions serous secretion, raising the epidermis and inducing vesicles, as cantharides, mustard, ammonia, etc. Boaz says that the diagnosis of acute dilation "hematoma" of math following abdominal section is not recognized, being most often confounded with acute peritonitis. The naso-pharynx and the posterior wall are the parts most frequently affected. The stools are profuse and frequent; at first faecal in character, brown or yellow in color, and finally thin, serous, and watery.

Through the veins, if a limb be tightly constricted at any part by a bandage or handkerchief, and this constriction be kept up for eight or ten hours, the extremity of the limb will swell, become cold, senseless, and livid, and at last mortify.

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