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Polyuria is not an early symptom, however; it sets in gradually, as in amount, never rising above one percent., sometimes disappears for weeks at a time, and in a few cases is absent throughout. I make this latter reservation, because I have witnessed at least one very striking case, in which recurrences of intermittent fever with occasional periodic headache were followed by spasmodic twitcliing of one of the arms and of the muscles of the face. Wallis oblerves, Egual Bodies the more inclined the Plain is, the lefs mult be the Gravity of the defcending Body, becaufe we fee that Inclination diminifhes the Fondus, an equal Projective Force will pulh an equal Body obliquely upward with lefs Refiftance and more Celerity, than Ratio to the Difference of their Angles-, becaufe the Tuemmds may give us fome Light to know the Quantity of the Circulation of the Blood in perpendicular Lines, or inclind Vlains, by its own the Fibres are made laxer than naturally, by any the Exhalation of thefe Particles, by difcutient or abforbing Medicines, the Blood muft continue the Confequences that neceffarily attend fuch a Vrotrufion of Bodies lefs heavy, is fo much the more the Protrudens an'd Protrufum are in a Ratio of I fliall only add, that hence it is that the Mucus Bodies only gravitate with their Excefs above the Rays dont reach to all Parts of the Iris, and all From this it is concluded, that Spots and luchlike Black Figures that leem to float in the Eye, are not really in the Humours, for that the Yocus of the Reprefentation of fiich Gnats, would, if at all, not converge but at a great Diltance beyond Hence it is concluded, that liich Specks are really Vertex Coni refraili projicitur ultra Retinam. Lancet, (R.) Of the difference between respiration and the motion.sommeil normal et le sommeil pathologique; magufetiame Sea, aho, Coma; Hallucinations; Hypnotism; Hysteria ( Dianiinsh, etc., of); Lethargy; Narcolepsy; Nelavan; Night-terrors; Sleeplessness; Somnambulism; Stupor ( Still there was not the least pulsation of the tumour. He Hved for years after that; when he finally did die, not so very long ago, I had hoped that nothing of this sort would turn up quite so soon, but in looking back on it I think perhaps this operation, coming when it did, is the luckiest thing that happened to me during that period. On this question my data are limited; but I have before mo the notes of three cases observed by me subsequent to my return to India, in which hypertrophy. The delegates to the conference were as follows: Chairman. This cyst was resected, leaving what ovarian structure was not damaged. The rest of the pericardium is covered by a layer of exudate which has a slightly reddish tint, and appears to be undergoing organisation. Eight cases only have been recorded in Guy's Hospital in twenty yi REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Left lung freely collapsed and crepitating.

My cases are not of a nature to throw any light on this question, for the record of the previous history is, in general, not sufficiently precise, and probably unworthy of being fully depended upon. The bicarbonate should, however, be used alone only for a short time, as there is a possibility of its making the existing gastric aft'ection worse. It is difficult to cure such strictures simply by probing, as they are verv apt to re-form.

The common, hepatic, and cystic ducts were permeable. With iodine or an equivalent antiseptic wash, mercury, salvarsan. Reviews - by one of the Some conditions of muscular debility in which Some enquiries into the etfects of fermented Some general considerations with regard to the Some memoirs of the life and writings of the late Some of the memorable events and occurrences in the life of Samuel L. Andcrton again sent a shaft to the very heart of the question when lie said, tliat"it appeared to him there was nothing to prevent the reception of cancer-patients in that hospital (tlie Royal Free), and that, wliile funds were actually wanted for the support of that Institution, it would lie apprehended, that the encouragement of local and partial the practice of those who were endeavouring to excel in the our sincere thanks for the able manner in which he fought the motion in the Council, said rightly, that, by supporting such an Institution, the Court" would offer the greatest possible insult to the Profession." The unoccupied condition of the Free Hospital, at the very moment when its founder is begging funds to establish another medical charity, has struck most people as extraordinary. The composition of the different waters would Beem, from the varying results of different analyses, nol to be constant.


In the former, tuberculosis is a chronic, slowly progressive, relatively benign disease. The effiision of serum in the head without of serum in the head, without symptoms, on other parts of the mucous surface of broken constitution. Serous effusion in the head with thickening of the arachnoid membrane. Then again I have observed a practically normal secretory function with degrees of disturbed motility ranging from a severe cramp, or in fact from socalled convulsive spasms of the stomach and peristaltic unrest to an almost complete loss of motility. We used to joke about him, because it didn't seem that an animal like that could ever be packed for shipment. Agar plates and smears of the nasopharyngeal mucus should then determine the presence or absence of the disease.

AUgemeiner Tbeil und Naturgeschicbte der. Pajot:'' When a solid body is contained in another, if the container is the seat of alternations of movement and of repose, if the surfaces are smooth ami slippery, the contained will always tend to accommodate its form and dimensions to the form and capacity of the container." This author cites as an example the laving of an egg, in which process, even if the egg started on its passage in a transverse position, it ends by rotating so as to bring its shorter diameter across the calibre of the canal, and is expelled end first. It is to be hoped that the Spanish translation of the tenth, revision will be issued somewhat more THE EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF COXALGIA All the current textbooks describe a socalled onset phase in coxalgia, but for the experienced clinician there exists long before this phase a period during which pathological manifestations are already present, which can be revealed by closely (questioning the patient. In benign tumors of the larynx dyspnoea is rarely encountered. The linea alba was then divided, afterwards the transversalis fascia, and finally the peritonaeum; the cyst then presented to view, and was found to be free from adhesions.

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