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Gummata are not uncommon, but unless a node should appear on the forehead very few would be alarmed enough to seek medical advice.

He was admitted to the hospital last Monday.

Barclay, in his capacity of Lumleian asserts that I, having witnessed" one or two remarkable recoveries" from cholera after the administration of castor-oil, at once jumped to the conclusion that castor-oil is the cui-e for that terrible disease.

The cases of lactational insanity were ne.xt in frequency, being four per cent., while the insanity of pregnancy forms one per cent, of the total admissions of female patients. The observations of enthusiasts for the medicinal use of ozone and those of most physiologists seem, unfortunately, at variance. From personal experience, I am convinced that the force usually employed spends itself deforming the ribs and rarely reaches the spine (

In studying the lesions in a fatal case of tuberculosis one may find with varying modifications one or more of the following conditions: The primary lesion may be found in any one of the organs or membranes. The risk of separating the placenta and throwing air into the uterine vessels renders the uterine douche rather objectionable. One and one half year later the patient was well and without recurrence.

The meaning generally accepted and intended to be conveyed by this term was, that an animal or a number of animals, usually cattle, have died suddenly after feeding in a cornstalk field from four to ten days. Some points of suture are then applied to the prostate and the flap, which falls back and applies itself to the spot by its own weight.

Capillary bronchitis and bronchitis of the smaller tubes are complications of the ordinary form of bronchitis by direct extension. The principals are professing Christians, and justly pride themselves on being humane men. Sufficiently characteristic to enable one to make a positive determination.

A change of diet to a form of nitrogenous, which was little likely to undergo putrefaction, was frequently attended by disappearance of the indican from the urine. Informs us that this second edition of his work was retarded by the delay in the appearance of the British Pharmacopceia; and that he has rewritten the book, so as to include in it the latest The plan of arrangement which Dr.

The line of union was examined and cleansed with moist sponees. Buchanan, the medical officer of St. This is much better than to simply drop the chain upon the floor. The doctor, when sick, is often in a desperate strait, since many wish to help him, while few care to take the exclusive responsibility. Cited a case where the administration of salicylate of soda in one of his patients was followed by the phenomena of intoxication. Has no power of extension of wrist-joint, and scarcely any power of sepai-ating the fingers. I have since, The reporter made me say, in the Transactions of the last meeting of the North Carolina Medical Society, that patients affected with rheumatism are exempt from typhoid fever. He emphasized the fact that in zoster, though one ganghon was primarily involved, the adjacent ganglia did not entirely escape. Chest examination negative, except Urine: Topinard's arrangement is as follows: upper extremities.

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