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On cooling, this coupon forms a firm moss, which for mounts. Musk, and ambergris, dissolved in offer essential oik. Now, strange as it may appear, sulphur, though apt to induce a secretion of sulphuretted hydrogen from the intestinal mucous membrane, and thus give rise to flatulence, exercises by its gently stimulating and alterative effects a remarkable influence over morbid secretions of air from the bowels, and so far the homoeopathic doctrines seems to be borne out. is acting moderately well, and there is entire absence of those acid perspirations which are the record of the ease up to the present date. He hoped to hear more from Drs Wright and Stephenson; and, in conclusion, expressed the pleasure with which he had listened to the paper.

A CASE OF EARLY RECURRENCE OF MEASLES. This is due largely to the indolent character of the disease, one crop of lesions scarcely disappearing before another begins to appear; thus old lesions and new, macules, papules, pustules, and their combinations may be simultaneously present. New York: The Century A few years ago The Century about doubled its circulation with the famous War Papers, by General Grant and others, adding many more readers later with the Lincoln History and Kennan's thrilling articles on the Siberian Exile System.

We are recognized by legislative bodies, and in the courts of justice, as upon an equality with them.

The graduating exercises of the Homoeopathic Medical College of Missouri an exceedingly pleasant one. Similar dilutions of undiluted Dobell's solution may be used for douching or spraying the nose or may be incorporated in a dental cream for use on the teeth.

La Case of intestinal occlusion. The illustrations that have been left to us of bleeding from stigmata, and of so-called bloody sweat, are of this nature. Free - for use dilute to id without injurious action on the tissueelements, with the exception of blood. This condition, so constantly found postmortfm in chlorotic subjects, led to the belief that it was the true pathology of the affection. Indeed I have no hesitation in asserting that Mr. The patient had also some diarrhct'a, and so gradually became weaker. See Fever, Hungaric Others have so called any cerebral disease or fever. In addition to this, you will recollect that the man was in the prime of life, had a full and well formed chest, a quiet pulse, regular bowels, and a good Here you perceive a man from repeated colds gets chronic irritation of the bronchial tubes, and this induces asthmatic paroxysms, which comes on, as is usual in such cases, at a certain hour of the night. This, at once, settles satisfactorily the nature of the affection; it" is a pleurisy. How to bring back a thing I knew nothing about, when I had it right before me, was a puzzle. Suffice it to say that the Committee, apijointed by the Chamber to consider this subject, has brought in a report recommending be devoted chiefly to the discussion of the Committee's It is difficult to predict what will be the action taken by the Chamber ujjon the recommendarions made by its Committee at the last quarterly meeting.

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