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Of course, the careful physician would not found a diagnosis upon either physical or symptomatic signs independently of each other; he accepts any and all means that may enable him to reach exact conclusions. Lack of unity, sometimes taking the form of unethical pronouncements by medical people in the area has fostered distrust and indecision amongst patients. This may sound strange to those who are accustomed to think of immunization only as a pathologic process, necessarily to be thought of only in connection with toxic agents, even passing strange to those who have never been taught to differentiate between a poison and a sanative agent.

The question of wasMng and baths is a very important one ill the hygiene of the skin. He was also a very fine oarsman, a skilled sailor, and an expert tennis player. For several years I have been in the habit of giving in these cases sixty grains of the bromide of potassium and ten drops of the tincture of aconite root in a wineglassful of water, the same to be repeated in an hour or two if the head be not rfilioved; but a repetition of the dose is very seldom required. The cornsufficiently prolonged treatment by bination of the three different rays is aerotherapy, rest, carefully graded ac- by no means advantageous. All infectious diseases have therefore at one period or another chemical results, and these are amongst the principal objects of the inquiries proposed to" be expounded in these pages.

But for the one who has been thoroughly educated in these Principles and Sanative Methods, who has fully witnessed the results of"the more excellent way," but from purely selfish considerations, viewing the noblest profession on earth from simply a commercial standpoint, turns traitor to his own honest convictions and deserts this System of practice for other methods, under the delusion that they are more to be congratulated that such instances are very rare. " I will mention those remedies which are most frequently used, and which generally prove successful, with a view to show the contrast of these two diseases throughout, rather than to hope to benefit you by any new suggestions. The ear should be well washed out with warm water and castile soap, of the solution may be dropped into the canal and the air excluded with a pledget of cotton ( As a limit, therefore, of under and over-weight, it will aid the examiner in forming an opinion of the -afety of the risk for his company. The difficulties in this area are well exemplified in a report we recently received from a committee of the Drug Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences. If not, he must desist; and you will assist him in his endeavor. Even in the rare cases in which the throat affection is absent, it is the duty of the physician to take the measures best calculated to secure in the sickroom such an atmosphere as has been described; for in such cases the disease may at any moment manifest itself in the air-passages. The history of a case will perhaps answer better than a description. Hospital admissions due to ADR's Hospital days due to ADR admissions Hospital costs due to ADR admissions Hospital costs preventable by proper usage approximately the same mortality rate as cancer of the breast. Jour, of Ohstetncs), endorses the knee and chest position in surgical operations of the female, which has been employed in Europe for more than half a century. To prevent these dangers the needle has been insulated by various substances with indifierent success. He allowed the cavity to fill with blood, in which organization took place, and there was no trouble from sepsis or secondary hemorrhage. I think if you look at past experience the data, presented by Ms.


A population of half a million in a new country will do well to sustain one substantial state college with departments of law, medicine, etc. There had been rupture of coupon the cyst and peritonitis. As a result of his observations he concludes that two grammes of TC per thousand grammes of body-weight may be given in the course of three or four days without harm.

To THK EdITOB or THB MCDIOAL SbOOBD. Occurs, the body should be at once placed in a coffin and sprinkled with some disinfecting fluid or powder, such as chloride of lime, etc., and buried with the least possible delay. Instruction is given according to homeopathic principles. Notification has not been an end in itself, but only the beginning of concerted preventive measures and propaganda aiming at control of the disease.

The dividing line between general bodily ease and what is understood in practical medicine as disease, is far more sharply drawn than would be accepted from a purely technical and theoretical standpoint. The rooms are in poor condition and almost devoid of proper equipment.

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