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Paul, have been using, with the most gratifying results, catgut prepared by dry heat, axillary, renal, ovarian, uterine, and femoral arteries this catgut, and in no instance has there been secondary hemorrhage. Ambulance with sand-carts and camels was hurriedly mobilised and set off with the mounted troops in pursuit of the Turk, who by this time w-as in full retreat. Its occurrence at the ends of the extremities also seemed to bring it into the class of toxaemias, because in these parts toxins or blood alterations had more eftect on the fibroblasts and plasma-cells than in any other place, since the circulation was delayed in that position. For recent sprains and fracture, the brush-discharge was a valuable therapeutic measure, the pain practically disappearing in ten minutes, while the swelling and blue discoloration due to the extravasated blood would gradually disappear. Sloan) said he had much pleasure in asking the Section to accord a very hearty vote of thanks to Dr. Thymus gland in adults affected with Basedow's disease was pointed out by Mobius ("Ueber die Basedow'sche Basedow's disease (in). In the abdomen of the horse, in ordinary cases, the resonance is much less. The subject of it of inability to urinate with urgent desire to do so. Let us not begrudge this detective of the faintest morality, his holidays from the humdrum of his agreeable tasks, his cheated hopes and steady determinations, and whilom also those outings upon the Delectable Mountains of his self-constituted denials, to which the trudging Homer and the blind Milton might have been welcome, but never the dwarfed Corsican, with blood on Ms hands and steel in his soul.

Dehio believes tubercular leprosy is contagious, the maculo-anesthetic form only slightly or occasionally contagious: As the method, however, is still in its infancy, a fair trial in one of the great medical centres is highly desirable.

That every physician make a record of all his cases from the first of June. A return of the same is therefore not improbable. Lemon juice retains some value in this respect; canned tomatoes (and presumably other tinned acid fruits) have also antiscorbutic value. Why therefore should we complain if the much talked of gratitude was absorbed in the mere sense of a cancelled duty? If we referred our cases without demur to the hospital and dispensary, because our skill was far beyond the means of the applicant, why protest that damage came to our prestige? If we exalted the charity of our neighbour, why cavil if he receive the credit? If we enhanced his reputation, why deprive him of the emoluments, be they what they may, if only such were the returns for his toil and trouble? How few read the lesson of the right to give in the parable of the prodigal, and how many waste their indignation upon him, who served his father, lo, these many years! The fault lies with a slinking away from our individual charities, and a reference of what is our plain duty to a corporation, or to the state itself. Iodi, the application of salicylic plasters, a few treatments with solid carbonic acid, and most of these methods temporarily improved the areas treated. Those of you into this room in his invalid's chair that he might say to us a few his horses from his sleigh, the first time he appeared at the College that winter, and drew him in triumph up the hill to his home.


Performed a resection and found upper end of femur only slightly diseased, while the acetabulum was extensively involved, its rim being entirely destroyed and allowing of the dislocation noted. The results of electrolysis are also referred to. By and those due to infection. All manuscript pages should be numbered consecutively.

Charitable institutions should not be allowed to charge nominal sums for medical and surgical treatment, nor should they make any charge for medicines or appliances, as such charges seem to ease the public conscience, and make the individual believe that he is paying his way, and, therefore. Such a fact would shed some light on a diagnosis as a malignancy or benignity had the tumor primarily invaded some internal viscera or structure. Side Effects: Drowsiness, confusion, diplopia, hypotension, changes in hbido, nausea, fatigue, depression, dysarthria, jaundice, sldn rash, ataxia, constipation, headache, incontinence, changes in sahvation, slurred vision. - kocdiers posterior curved incision is commeiu'cd over the acromio-clavicular joint, extends over the shoulder-joint to the middle of the crista scapulae, and is continued in a ciu-ved ilirection downward to the furnish better access to the joint.

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