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A comparatively small number of cases have been operated on; the results, however, have been very good. The axis of the anus, cutting that of thi vagina at nearly right-nngles, leaves, in the externa angle, an irregtilar flattened portion of tissue rarely this is clearly defined as a firm portion of the pelvic floor and is composed of skin, fat, elastic and connect iv( tissue, transverse muscles, sustaining fascia, and the;;n terior portion of the sphincter ani.

Loyis in the evening and TEXAS STATE "" JOURNAL OP MEDICINE. I now move that the paper paper entitled"- Electricity in Gynecology," by Dr. There was no marked inversion or eversion of the foot. Chase, State Secretary, and Dr. Graham of Toronto, formerly of Smith's Falls, will be'his successor. The point always touches the turbinate bones unless you have the point guarded in some way, and it produces irritation there, and a great deal of pain. The urine showed no blood cells, but contained abundant methaemoglobin in solution: on standing a sediment of fine granules was deposited; no tube-casts. Frank Ferguson, was of Scotch descent, Island, Canada.

It does not follow from the fact that a case recovered after removal of the appendix and drainage of the peritoneum that the case was not one of perforated ulcer, for drainage alone may be sufficient to let the ulcer close and seal with fibrin. I want to emphasize that pointy that this bath should be in reference to the temperature of the patient, not with relation to the body heat of the physician, but with relation to the body heat of the patient. Becoming dissatisfied at the progress m.ade, he consulted a second physician, who advised a mercurial course; the sore increasing in size, a third was visited, and he in turn considered the use of mercury necessary. Cullerier says, that it is chiefly in constitutional of the joints, where the other preparations of mercury have had little effect.

Professor Cornealini on the Proximate Cause and Treatment of an inordinate excitation of the heart and arteries, and the second a chemico-vital alteration of the assimilative functions of Chylification and Haematosis. The dangers of the method disappear with conscientious following of Leopold's method, and Leopold himself lias used it in many hundreds of cases, septic and otherwise, without bad results. In Prochownik's and he found that every case in which it was found terminated fatally, while every case without it recovered, no matter how severe the symptoms had been.

Holmes thus expresses his estimation of the comparative"In my opinion, as far as I am able to judge from the few cases recorded, galvano-puncture is a less hazardous measure, and more likely to prove successful, than acupuncture without galvanism." Dr. Soinetimes, he says, the finger brings up against a tensely filled cavity which it is impossible to enter. The rectum is the terminal portion of the intestinal tract. Other domestic animals that may be affected are the mare, sow and ewe. It is with gratification and pleasure that I am able to note the prosperous condition of the work of the Society during the past year, and the harmonious conditions existing between the State Society and her auxiliaries and, between the cases of appeal from either the members, or any county society have been referred to the State Society, and so far our Committee on Ethics have nothing At the time of the meeting last year we had reports from forty-six county other societies with members enough to exceed the total membership of last year. It arose from the abdominal aorta, a little above its bifurcation; the opening by which it communicated with the vessel was on the right side, and admitted five fingers. In all of the series he only recalled two cases in which, after the primary operation of removing gallstones from the gall bladder, stones reformed in that viscus.

This was done for the purpose of ascertaining from actual experience the advantages to be expected from the treatment in the various stages of the disease. He was twice appointed on the examining board of Eclectic Physicians and Surgeons. The mixture was then shaken, when the corpuscles sunk as follows: XIV.

In some cases the diagnosis was materially aided by these facts.

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