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It is well known that in affections of the numerous lymphatic glands, paleness, chloranaemia, troubles of digestion, etc., as a general rule show themselves. The first stitch is taken at the apex of the denudation in the vagina uii inch and a (juarter long and sliglitly curved at the point) is eiit( red a tjuarier of an inch from the lefthand edge and buried until it emerges at a correspond Dr. The convenience and practical utility is at once apparent.

In "legit" the first of these three cases the sutures, which were, in all cases, of copper wire, silvered, were not removed until eight weeks after the operation, and in the third case the time was about five weeks.


No albumin was detected in the urine. Cocks said that he had now a lady under observation in whom this was the only sjonptom of rheumatism, and it was yielding to anti-rheumatic remedies, while her general condition was also improving. Mammals maintain a temperature The blood coursing the veins of the Esquimau retains the same warmth at all times, and yet he breaths an air which freezes the mercury in the thermometer within his hut; and in torrid countries, The blood and respiration, are the sources of man's natural warmth and any excess in these brings discomfort and disease. Assuming that the separation is of moderate widtli, and extends about lialf way through the bony palate, the operation is done as follows: From the anterior end of the cleft an incision is made running outward and a little backward toward the alveolus, about one-third the distance to the teeth, when the direction of the incision is changed so that it is carried in a straight line nearly to the posterior extremity of the alveolar process ( The circumstance of epilepsy occuring in successive generations of the same family, is also strongly in favour of the Dr. He therefore knows the trick-s of the trade. There is no question but the heat liberated is quite sufficient to somewhat cauterize the tissues, especially when serous exudation and consequent decomposition is very rapid. There is no reason, he thinks, for believing in a true physiologic albuminuria. Their temperature being several degrees above that of man and other animals, testifies to the superior ardour of their constitution. Even with the most careful feeding various digestive disturbances will arise and persist which call for special The most generally serviceable combination for these disturbances I have found to be the pepsin, bismuth and charcoal tablet of Wyeth, which seems to meet a variety of unpleasant symptoms.

The effects of exhaustion, when attended with intestinal irritation, evince themselves particularly in the disordered functions of the brain, heart, thoracic and abdominal viscera," The symptoms which affect the head are severe pain, beating and throbbing, rushing or cracking noises, vertigo, or turning round of the room, especially on raising the head or assuming the erect position, intolerance of light and of sound, wakefulness, palpitation, feeling of sinking, of impending dissolution, and being overcome by noise, disturbance, or even thinking, and delirium.

Written Expressly for the Charlotte Medical Journal. It is in this extensive receptacle of disease that he has collected those observations which form the materials of his splendid work on cutaneous diseases. I was called to visit her in this state, and by giving her a powerful dose of camphor' and opium, she very soon became composed, and fell into a quiet sleep, from which she awoke perfectly well and free from head-ache. J'he rights of members, Kllis, on electricity in the hands of the general practitioner, Saltmarsh, electrolysis by a current-controller for the reduction of spurs of the bacteriological examinations of nine autopsies on cases of diphtheria of dry heat of high temperature in the treatment of joint diseases, Miculicz.

They first sustain impressions, the subsequent manifestations of sympathy being modified by their If these propositions and principles are correct, as I feel persuaded they are, their application would seem capable of settling satisfactorily the doctrine of sedatives.

During the exclusion of American pork from Germany that American pork has caused any increase in trichinosis in Germany.

Hence the number affected on the left side of the house.

Although these resemble each other in many of their symptoms, yet they have lately been found to differ in their causes, in the anatomical lesions which characterize them, as well as in a part of their symptoms; and they are, therefore, now recognised as distinct diseases.

Similarly in chronic renal disease the relaxing climate both diminishes the amount of waste material produced in the tissues and assists tlie action of the skin and lungs in their compensatory excretory function.

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