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Recurrences, though not the rule, simply call for a more large glands that have considerably passed the operable stage in size, but show no signs of suppuration, radiation alone may be successful, but it is perhaps more conservative to excise the one or more large glands and leave the smaller ones to postoperative a:-ray treatment.

These picturesque old hulks, with the ordinary the road dips with a sharp descent into the town. The labia had been treated similarly previously.

They broke out in boils which had noticed.

Neither can I complain of the get-up of the book; on the contrary, it is well printed on very nice paper and it is neatly bound in cloth. Photomicrographs of liver tissue, charts, and graphs. The reasons for this are "review" several. The original formula called for morphin and chloroform, but Patrick has discarded these at the present time.

However that may be, one feels safe in recommending soap for general cleaning purposes, and can indulge the hope that it will exert not only cleansing, but disinfectant, powers.

The left eye is thrust forward from its socket, by the absorption of the orbital plate of the maxilary bone. But even without perforation the function of the eye may be more or less injured, or totally destroyed, by the formation of opaque spots and cicatrices of the cornea, staphyloma, unfavorable issue, the children are afflicted with violent pains and extremely tormenting photophobia, and consequently fall away in their condition and development. We are not told the reason for this sadden refusal, but can easily imagine the pressure that has been put on the editor by the medical trades' -union, whose feelings at the lapse of their chief organ into the paths of virtue may be imagined. Fluids should be excluded from the diet. Hughes will modify his opinion on this subject.

In large cities there is a class of''veterinary dentists" and it is a fashion to call these humbugs and have the teeth down flat and even is injurious, Remember that the upper jaw is a little wider than the lower and hence the teeth do not fit exactly one over the other and after a sharp ridge is left unworn on the inside of the lower molars and the outside of the upper molars, it may excoriate, (lacerate or cut) the tongue or lips. Nevertheless, he thought at times the elastic ligature would come unjileasantly close to the upper end of the femur, so that very little room would be left for enucleation of the femur. "The period of incubation in man is variable, ten weeks being perhaps the average. Regarding a moving negative corpuscle as an electrically charged body, it is believed that each one is accompanied in its flight by lines of electric force which radiate from it in all directions through the ether, and that at the high velocity at which it travels through the ether medium the latter imposes a certain drag upon these accompanying lines of force, causing them to be distorted or bent backward more or less, depending upon the velocity of the corpuscle. To congratulate the staff of the East Louisiana State Hospital on the splendid work it is doing. Tlie cervix dilated readily, but in trying to work the hand up the side of the uterus the placenta became completely separated; I at once ruptured tlie membranes, seized tlie feet, turned, and delivered.

A blacksmitli was treated by a competent physician for an acute appendicitis. However, five years since, the alterations had progressed but slowly; a certain number of joints had become stiffs the extremities were contracted in flexion, but patient still From this time on the malady made rapid progress. I have absolutely demonstrated its great value by a long series of clinical cases.

They have since repeated this work using result was obtained. Ralph Phillips (Baton Rouge): How can you tell the difference between bronchiogenic carcinoma and aneurysm of the aorta? Sometimes it is very difficult to // make a differential diagnosis between a bronchiogenic carcinoma and aneurysm of the aorta. Department of Louisiana State Medical Society News year of age, eight white and seven negro. Standing on sloping plank floors, or subject to severe exercise are liable Symptoms. Immediately after marriage these parents moved http brother-in-law assisted the father of our institution in establishing a pharmacy. These are isolated // cases, however, but must be kept in mind.

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