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If they contrasted the relative advantages and disadvantages of the conservative and radical procedures, the results in the performance of conservative operation for an inflammatory condition were poor as regarded future pregnancy, they were very uncertain as to freedom from pain or extension of inflamma tion. At the time when the foetus was supposed to have died, as testified by the cessation of movements and the arrest of growth of the uterine tumor, the woman felt generally weak, easily tired, was subject to headaches, and showed other signs of general debility. Pneumococcus empyema by intercostal puncture and small drainage was brought to a complete recovery in seven days with two injections of the pneumococcic vaccine. Long and having a glass head more than one centimeter in diameter; artificial tooth plates having as many as four teeth had been aspirated, etc.

It was not possible for protopl.ism, to say nothing nf bits of protojilasm, to lie removed he was not previously aware: viz., that these views had been brought a most complete form. A few of the cells show a granular change in the protoplasm. No better argument in favor of vaccination could be desired than the immediate stamping out of the dread small-pox in our new territory. In certain conditions salt is medicinally indicated but it is by no means needed in the body economy to the extent that is popularly Drink and Beverages: In this department of dietetics American intensity is fully demonstrated. Help of every kind must be removed from the reach and sight of the candidate. Twenty times the amount of blood used in an ordinary preparation will linkedin be found disposed over the area covered by the cover glass. A solution containing bichloride of mercury i-iooo should now follow, or hydrogen dioxide, and the canal dried and loosely closed with absorbent cotton. I could produce illustrations to-night, showing this in various parts in the most typical cases of pycemia.

Was enlarged, in several instances very much so; in all, the cause of the rupture, followed by fatal hsemorrhage, was comparatively slight; in four cases malarial parasites were found in the spleen upon post-mortem examination. Numerous small calculi came away through a stricture of the urethra. Nathaniel Hammond came to Indiana from Vermont, and was married at Brookville. Engel to the Btrlin Medical Weekly Jourmil, founded on the examination of the blood in eighteen cases in the Charite Hospital at Berlin, under the care of Professor Frerichs. .Some years hence, when the lad may possibly possess the requisite skill and determination to introduce an instrument upon himself, an attempt may be made to close the fistula if the state of the skin in the perin.-vum be such as to permit its being made. Hereditary influence is one of the causes which some of the profession claim it arises from, and no doubt it can be well sustained, for the records show that in those countries whei-e there is no restriction as to what can be used for breeding they have a larger percentage of the disease; but there is some doubt in my mind as to whether in this case it is the disease that is transmitted is it that the disease so much confines itself to horses of certai n why the production of the disease under certain conditions and states of excitement can be most satisfactorily accounted for? I am still firmly of the opinion that it is predisposition only and not in the blood or is the predispositioo inherent in the formation or excitability of the eye? These are most interesting questions of which various facts and observations cnrrent among us may be brought forward by investigation. In the late cases of colloid goiter of long-standing, if sym.ptoms of Graves' disease appeared, he had found that operations on this class were comparatively simple and safe. The latest evidence in this direction is contained in a recently published Bulletin of the Bureau of station of the Bureau of Animal Industry. Foulerton has devoted careful study to this species and our work is in general confirmatory of his description. This patient was put upon rest treatment in the hospital, and in addition to the full doses of the serum hydrobromate of quinine was given. When drainage was not possible careers petroleum was used. Fifth, no private tutors should be examiners, either for their own pupils or for those of Those who know anything of corporate bodies will be aware of the strenuous' opposition that each of these regulations would call forth; but the University of London, being under the authority of Government, it would be comparatively easy to bring pressure to bear upon it. The epidemic of typhoid at Lewes, which it was hoped had almost disappeared from the town about a month ago, made its reappearance in a rather severe form during the past two or three weeks. These months can advantageously be spent in southern Florida. - the author's experimental work was incomplete and was communicated because he was unable to continue it. The charge of commercialism, due to the adoption of modern business methods will rest lightly if the best thought, the result of the most patient investigation, is freely given to our fellow men.

If the acid lent itself to detection by chemical means we might expect demonstration of its presence in the blood, in the tissues and in the urine. This was undoubtedly a case of interlobular empyema which had burst under the skin and at the same time into a bronchus (as evidenced by the abundant purulent expectoration of which his previous history had spoken).

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