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Reaction, just turned blue litmus paper red. Mustard plasters are made by spreading thickly-mixed mustard on a square of brown paper of the exact size ordered, and covering it with a piece of muslin. But the court held, on the first appeal, that she could not sue the city and its oflicers jointly, and on return of the case to the circuit court she elected to prosecute the action against the city alone. In adult persons the premonitory symptoms are most commonly lassitude, incapacity for following the usual employment, diminution of appetite, with or without indigestion, and a sensible falling off in flesh. DISEASES OF THE PERITONEUM: TUBERCLE OF THE PERITONEUM, by JOHN SYER BRISTOWE, CARCINOMA OF THE PERITONEUM, by JOHN SYER BRISTOWE, AFFECTIONS OF THE ABDOMINAL LYMPHATIC GLANDS, SUPPURATIVE INFLAMMATION OF THE LIVER, by W. Assuming the total amount of blood in that twelve minims of chloroform is the quantity which must be received into the circulation to produce narcotism of the second degree. After waiting for two or three pains to bring the presenting part within reach and with no result, and finding the contractions feeble and inefficient, the membranes were ruptured and a large quantity of liquor amnii escaped, apparently as much as is common in single pregnancies at full term. In inflammation they become enlarged, congested, softened, and tender, and sometimes undergo suppuration, and may then discharge their contents by various routes, and even by rupture into the peritoneum. Sloane, on his return, became involved in a great professional practice and in various official duties, and thus the publication of the large book which he had planned on the Natural History of Jamaica was long delayed.

They do not move and they possess no flagella. Yet by the unaided eye the exudation, which is sometimes abundant, is not to be distinguished from that of diphtheria. Of diuretin every two hours and frequently brisk purges with calomel and magnesium sulphate. This extraordinary variability, which readily leads to xjermanent changes, is a property which must not be left out of sight; it must make us cautious in our criticism, for it is more than probable that what a few test-tube processes can effect nature and disease can do far more thoroughly. It Essentials of Nervons Diseases and Insanity. He reproved them for their treatment of her. No doubt classification and division may be carried too far, but a certain amount is a great assistance to the student, and we cannot but think that the studied avoidance of such helps on the part of the author is a defect.

Many physicians begin speaking before they know precisely what they mean to say. These cases are not, like the preceding, the result of a non-formation of the rectum, but are produced by an obliteration of the bowel, which was originally well formed; the obliteration being a pathological change due probably to ulceration and adhesion which had taken place during intra-uterme life: Robinson suggests (Critic and of atropine, strychnine and hydras tine, and in older children a drop or two of a solution of the above in distilled water applied to the deep urethra.

A quasi quarantine was established against the West Indies, already entered the ciiy. Physicians were called to testify on behalf of the accused, who gave opinions to the effect that the miscarriage had taken place prior to these hemorrhages. If the railroad companies which employ surgeons at an annual salary would also employ a neurologist such errors in diagnosis would be avoided. There is no form of Peritonitis which is so fearful and fatal as that in which there ha,s been positive solution of continuity of the membrane, because this accident generally implies the extrusion of some secretion or fluid or substance into the serous cavity. Besanez have shown, and deposits pigment previously dissolved, probably in the cholate of soda. He sweats easily owing to the thinness of his skin, especially at night, after exercise, after copious meals. There is no doubt, indeed, that diaphoretic remedies are very generally beneficial to the patient.

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