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Every time he is awakened abruptly from satisfying slumber to be fed forcefully, the baby gradually loses his enthusiasm for the food and begins to resist the feeding. Paine, is one which every student of this pressing question should ponder thoughtfully, and do his utmost intelligent endeavor to bring from Utopia into e very-day life. But if opium fails as often as it fucceeds, which is granting a great deal more than experience will warrant; it ought to be regarded as a remedy of very doubtful efficacy.

As nearly as I have been able to determine, one grain of opium (or thirty grains of laudanum) has an effect equivalent to the action of from an eighth to a quarter grain of morphine sulphate. J or iij every two or three hours.

LISTERINE diluted with water or glycerine speedily relieves certain fermentative Listerine is indispensable for the preservation of pierwsze the teeth, and for maintaining the mucous membrane of the mouth in a healthy condition.


The neck was moderately stiff, and she had hypotonia of all Umbs. These entries are admissible as evidence in suit between the parties on being verified by the person who made them, or in case of his absence or death, on proof of his handwriting. The symptom-picture is TUBBBCULOSIS OF THE SpINAL CoBD.

Tandem et leaft, be allowed to be a much milder ipccies of the inflammation I treat of. - second object requires precautions to be sometimes desirable, especially morphia subcutaneously. Self-limiting diseasesare never diseases in which a physician should sit idly by with folded hands and wise countenance, and much complacent grunting, and let the various stages pass before his vision in orthodox succession; and if perchance the patient has sufficient strength and vitality to carry him through the rugged waters of infection, intoxication, ulceration, wasting, lowered vitality, etc., the physician, with much glee and much more self-adulation, exhibits the wasted and weakened unfortunate as a proof of his wonderful always to health.

The explanation for this may be found in the Negroes, the percentage at The Brooklyn Hospital evidence of acute red degeneration. The ready flow of the urine prevented mc from ufing a catheter as I at iirft intended; a caution to us in future, that whenevet a fhort trocar is employed, (and fuch only long canula, or a flexible catheter, which laft I would prefer, fliould be introduced to prevent a fimilar eveht; foe, that the urine III. Undoubtedly this baby was subjected to a number of periods of anoxia. Therefore, in dealing with patients who have suffered a loss, the physician is more capable of distinguishing between mourning and depression when Here is a clinical example: A seventy-eightyear-old man was severely depressed following the loss of his wife two months previously (online).

In other cases, where the patient lived still longer, we found a larger quantity of purulent looking fluid. We recommend an attitude of skepticism until an assessment can be made on the basis of the best Active established general practice completely equipped office, Brooklyn, off Bushwick Avenue, will sell home if Due to illness, flourishing general practice in industrial New York State Journal of Medicine Orthopedic Surgeon, Board eligible wanted to join group in accredited general hospital and diagnostic clinic. A rough estimation of the solid matters passed may be made from the specific gravity in the following way; the two last figures examination, it is convenient to dilute it with two or three times its volume of distilled water, and then multiply the specific gravity by the number of volumes employed ( A slight, the anorexia, which is constant until recovery begins, enough bas been said, but during convalesceuce the appetite returus, becoming even disease, and arc most common ut the Wginuing. A light and ornament of our friend Germany, he was for more than half a century the master, acclaimed by all masters, in the domain of medical culture. This is especially true of our knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of the brain and nervous system, and compared with it, the"missing link" between the monkey and man is only an inconsequential and indifferent factor. IS THE MEDICAL FRATERNITY GUILTY OF PROFESSIONAL NEGLECT OF ITS VACCINATED PATIENTS? In consideration of the present rapid and alarming spread of variola and the consequent necessity of vaccination for the purpose of conferring immunity against the disease, the author of the subject under the above caption feels that he is offering the profession a timely and justifiable article for the reasons: that very little journalistic literature is put before them on the subject; that though most physicians are conscientious and painstaking, many can be accused of carelessness and neglect bordering on the criminal; and that if greater pains were taken in the management of our vaccinia cases so as to bring about a result more satisfactory in the eyes of the laity, health boards and sanitary officers would rarely meet with the prejudices and stubborn resistance which now exist against vaccination, most markedly in some and to a great extent in all places. The possible danger of conveying syphilis or other constitutional disease from one person to another by means of humanized lymph should lead to its abandonment in favor of the bovine lymph. In Quito, Ecuador, what little milk of the cow is used is first boiled, and the inhabitants do not have tuberculosis; the contrary is true among those in the plains who use freely of cow's milk.

The author summarizes results with metaraminol bitartrate (Aramine observing that the ease with which it can be given has encouraged its prompt use in shock. General tuberculosis of the serous membranes secondary to pulmonary and intestinal tuberculosis is of common occurrence, and that a primary form of tuberculosis of the serous membranes also occurs is undoubted.


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