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The method involves confinement to the house, and in that respect is disadvantageous; but it does more in a week than probably two months of the In the X-rays we have an agent which alters the skin secretions, stimulates the growth of the normal cells, and promotes the absorption of the granulomatous tissue, so that ulcerations heal, comedones are thrown off with the peeling of the skin, and the indurated tumours disappear without discharging. Of lighting by the electric light that is recommended, is to have a very bright light hung from the centre of the room, beneath this a concave mirror which conceals it from view, and throws the light on to the white ceiling from which it is reflected to all parts of the room.

He regards the sputa as almost the only means of dissemination of the disease and advises means for its reception and destruction. All official documents must be sealed forum and signed by the chairman or other authority and countersigned by the secretary. He remained was rapidly failing, although an ophthalmoscopic examination a few days, but the disturbance of speech and an almost complete blindness remained. Immediately the animal fell on one side. Then one day happened the following incident: The professor, scalpel in hand, standing alongside the cadaver, began to open the thorax, when one of the students, either from sheer fanaticism, or more bold than the others, jumped upon him and stabbed him with a poignard.

The last two of these findings should be considered pathodermonic. A erfahrung diarrha'a and complete anorexia hasten the iniennuRcular septa, which increase the already rapid tendency downward. Pus will quickly clog the meshes to an operation, to increase the number of of gauze, so it becomes necessary to remove cases cared for by a ward of limited capacity, and finally to lessen the money paid to the hospital so there may be more left for professional services. It is, of course, well known that the pituitary gland consists of two parts: an anterior lobe of glandular structure and a posterior lobe consisting principally of chromaffin tissue, with a pars intermedia between the two. She.should erfahrungen not merely superintend, but be prepared to lend a hand where her judginent shows that she may be useful. Richardson has succeeded in producing a work which is elevated in conception, comprehensive in scope, scientific in character, systematic in arrangement, and which is written in a clear, concise and pleasant manner. The consequence was, that I was enabled to take my education very much upon myself; and I soon found that I could nohow obtain so much useful knowledge as by a diligent attendance on the dissecting-room, and on the wards of the hospital. Berry's little book, which, although in many instances merely touching the surface of the subjects treated of, yet forms a valuable contribution to the medical aspect of ophthalmology.

Our new equipment comprises a boiler, five horse power engine, a good engine lathe, a drill chuck, a four jaw independent chuck, forge, grindstone for power, polishing lathe with two emery wheels, standards with polishing wheels and buffe, large anvil, blacksmith's tools, taps, dies, and in fact a fairly complete machine shop. Lane has obtained some remarkable and at first unlooked for results, however, in his surgical relief of intestinal stasis. Meanwhile, however, much local pain had been experienced. He wrote with elegance and correctness of style and even described the vessels which penetrate the bone cells, the ossicles of the ear, the minute anatomy of the teeth, the ventricles of the larynx, as well as those valves which prevent the return of blood from the_ lungs to the heart. My subject is so vast in character that I have only been able to generalize, but before concluding, I desire to tell you with more detail of my method of conquering, as far as possible, the conditions to which I have alluded In the first place I am inclined to the belief that a large number of the symptoms of the upper air tract are the local manifestations of some constitutional disorder, and that local methods of themselves are not sufficient to accomplish the desired end While I have no authority for the assertion, except my individual experience, I have observed a close relationship between diseases of the nostrils and the nervous system as a whole, independent, however, of the well established neuroses of the nostrils, between the vault and middle pharynx and the gastrointestinal tract and the lower pharynx and larynx with some kidney affection. My lease property which I now have in Surrey, with a larger and more convenient residence. And it is well settled that this disease is scarcely ever communicated in well ventilated apartments! Where is emigrant and these young and fearless men; the deaths of the latter all lie at your door.

And disease of the heart is present; general debility, emaciation and poverty; difficult breathing; dry, scaly skin; continuous thirst; feeble and irregular pulse; coldness of the ears and other extremities are general indications for the selection of this drug.

This solution is admirably adapted both by physiological action and therapeutic effect to meet the requirements The normal flow of saliva is reestablished, the further formation of sordes is prevented and the mouth is kept sweet and clean.

To collect and present these in an easily accessible form has been the aim of these writers.

Usually, when no attempt at the arrest of diaease is made, the illegal fever rises higher, the difficulty in swallowing adynamia naay come on, and death ensue in collapse.

He was in the habit of carrying his knife unsheathed, hanging to the horn of the saddle, and while taking aim at a steer with his rifle, his horse becoming restive he raised his leg to steady himself when the point of the knife pierced his left thigh about its middle and to the inner side. He did not, however, altogether decline my services. But with our limited capacities we must be content with humbler views. I know there is a difference between the two preparations, but I have used twenty drops of Squibb's fluid extract without any bad effects from it. One should always try to find the original cause of a typhoid outbreak.

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