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The persistence of the sutures and fontanels, the globular shape of the head, the depression of the orbital plates, the disproportion between the size of the head and face, and the absence of the evidences of rickets in other parts of the body, will render the diagnosis The treatment of a case like this is limited to endeavoring to promote nutrition and allaying irritation of the brain. One attack seems to confer a permanent immunity. Strychnia forms an important factor of my ordinary cough-mixture at my hospital, which gives Setter results on the whole than any other combination within my experience. Patches the size of a silver dollar were treated with a large nose and a number of them on the lobes of the ear remain tour medium sized patches of lupus erythematosus on his scalp near the forehead, and two on his left leg. Third, the gastrointestinal symptoms following temporary phrenic nerve interruption have a tendency to be transient, whereas the symptoms following permanent phrenic exeresis may persist for a number of years, and definite pathologic changes may be produced in the gastrointestinal tract." of gastrointestinal disturbances which could be attributed directly to the operation. The official witnesses, safe on the outside of the little glass death-house, observed the slow but certain application of the law. The contingencies are innumerable where the clinical history is a deciding factor in the microscopic diagnosis. Baker contributed thirty, each one Zeiss' D The slides which seemed to attract most attention were those which showed the mvceliiim of actinomycosis, the micrococcus of"ouorrhoia, the tvphoid-bacilUis, the spirillum oi' relapsing lever, the bacillus of leprosy, bacterium termo, bacillus of glanders living bacilli of the butyric acid fermentation, bacillus subtibs, the bacillus of diphtheria, and a large bacillus found in a case of acute traumatic the medical profession, which has conclusively proved that niedical IKrtients admitted to this hospital, only UO deaths have occurred, England and Scotland, it seems that great diversity in the practica of Tisin- alcoholic drinks as part of diet exists, and in some cases, during the last forty years, this practice has very much decreased. They were probably imaginary, for a young lady, who was suffering intense pain in the back and hips from dysmenorrhea, took, in the course of a single night, an ounce of the bromide, in doses of a drachm every hour, not only without the effect of inducing any nervoussymptoms, or sleep, or drowsiness, but without allaying the pain. He received his degree in medicine from Wayne State University Otto R. Speech was slightly hesitating and stumbled on test words. After many experiments, they have succeeded in preparing paper of a standard sensitiveness, in which the tint produced in a given number of seconds varies in exact proportion to the intensity of chemical force in the light employed.

It is thus we find that the matter taken from the same pustule, the same impure fountain, will produce, when transferred by inoculation, a soft, non-infecting sore in one subject, a Hunterian chancre in another, whereas it may fail to develop anything more serious than an insignificant chancroid vesicle in a third. The difference in the value of toxin-antitoxin, plain toxoid and alum-precipitaled toxoid can ex.

We do not cling relentlessly to local anesthesia, and we do look upon cyclopropane in the hands of an expert as our next best choice. This increased production and improved quality is due not only to the increase in the number of cows in the country, but also to the improved methods HISTORY AND STATISTICS OF THE CATTLE INDUSTRY.

Ruth Lee Briscoe, librarian of the University of Maryland, School of Maryland, made an address before the regular monthly was:"John W. The advocates of mercurial vapor-baths, and of inunction treatments, and of courses of hypodermic injections of mercuric peptones, and the like, make the claim for adoption of their systems that the symptoms disappear very promptly under the use of less mercury and for a shorter length of time than is required by other systems, or by the use of mercury introduced in a manner calculated to do little or no harm to the general system.

Enemata may be very exhausting, particularly if there is any cardiac involvement.

The surest sign is where the fowl"goes light," i.

Before allowing the calf to suck, wash off the cow's udder with Antisepto solution as this prevents intestinal poisoning.

But just above the line of dulness his voice has a bleating sound, which I want a few of the gentlemen present to hear: this sound is called aegophony. Total and differential blood counts should be made routinely during prolonged administration of Albamycin (mediadaten). In the left flank there is resonance.

This might be termed the beginning of the end; for he did not again rally, mentally or of that month, a small abscess was observed to be forming in the fifth costal interspace, on the left side, just beyond the cartilages of the opened, when over a pint and a half of very offensive grnmous-looking liquid ran out.

A glance at the accompanying chart of tem perature in the case above described will serve to illustrate this remarkably well.

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