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It will stop the inflammation probably, but not till the organ has been spoiled. I use asafoetida by suppositories to ally spasm and to give needed intervals of quiet, restful sleep, and consider it a valuable and much overlooked For the other conditions or symptoms I used ammonium chloride given in syrupy mixture without water, as the addition of water makes it unpalatable to children.

Voted, to accept the recommendation of the Council that the delegate from the Society to the International Eugenics Congress be Dr. But this we have discussed sufl!iciently on former occasions. Secondary sarcoma of lumbar vertebrae, causing paraplegia; and of left thigh bone, permitting of spontaneous fracture, followed amputated at the shoulder-joint for a large sarcomatous tumour of the humerus, and he left the hospital after five months well and without sign of secondary growth (

The diagnosis may be strengthened by the existence of a persistent substernal ache, sometimes with irregular fever. For instillation of deep urethra and irrigation of bladder, and for injection of serous cavities, the same solutions. The term inflammatory dropsy may not perhaps be indefensible when applied to that class of dropsical affections that have been spoken of under the head of active dropsy. Had to tell him his wife was a case of general paralysis of the insane. Fill out this card, and you will get a bottle free through your Druggist, or if you carry your own stock of drugs, fill out both blanks and use in ordering from Wholesale Druggists. In cases in which you suspect that the cellular membrane maj' be destroyed wliile the skin is not, you must watch the patient, and if there be swelhng and inflammation you should divide the skin, and save it from perishing as far as you can, though you cannot save it entirely. Nay, those muscles which, ordinarily, move only in obedience to volition, do sometimes, under the influence of strong emotion, or of disease, contract independently of any effort of the will, and even in opposition to, and defiance of, the voluntary power.

The insertion in the last number of your journal of Mr. A few days after continued for two weeks. Such an attack, if untreated, may last two, or even six hours, or more. It was adopted with perfect success in Edinburgh more than a century ago. Coats wished to add that this was the first instance in which he had met with a tumor of this kind. Hibbert's book on Apparitions, and in Sir David Brewster's Natural Magic, and in Sir W. - blake of New York, on the"Application of War Methods to the Treatment of Fractures in Civil Life." At the spring meeting papers meeting the retiring President surprised us by delivering a poem as his Presidential Address on"Finiens Orbis Medici," which in poetical ability equaled the best production of Lemuel Hopkins, who was our Medical poet in the pre-Revolutionary days. To enable him to do so, information must be imparted to him in a clear, concise, and more or less dogmatic form. When partial amnesia persists, it is generally unnecessary to make any attempt to restore the lost memory. Events - in debility and neurasthenia, following la grippe, and allied affections, it is an invaluable remedy. An applicant who provides false or misleading information may be denied admission or, if enrolled before discovery of irregularity in the application process, may be dismissed from the school. Unless we admit unknown reactions in the bosom of the earth, unless we suppose an intervention of electro-chymical forces to explain phenomena which we do not see, and which we cannot estabUsh, it is impossible, says M.

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