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He has been in continuous service ever since, and brings to his new position as Surgeon-General a rare equipment in experience and personal fitness. To support this view he has conducted experiments upon the human skeleton, from which muscles and ligaments had not been removed, exerting great violence in the directions from which they could come from various accidents, in order to determine whether luxation could be artificially produced. In France many favorable reports have been published regarding the administration of dog's gastric juice. Other substances, like urea and iodide of potassium, produce a similar effect, but in a different manner. Where it can be used an effective method is the use of carbon bisulphid. Kraushaar is vice president of the Iowa Medical Society and a member of the IMS Committee on Delivery of Health Services. Numerous bunches of goathorns, blackened with the smoke of his lint, and sundry small grass-woven baski'ts and bundles of rag-packages, broAvn with dirt, containing his strange assortment of drugs and charms, are strung from every point of vantage about neck, shoulders and body.

However, those working in the classes soon became convinced the concept of free-standing special education classes (apart from regular classes) was not the optimal arrangement. A request for acute and convalescent sera from the patient for diagnostic purposes will be relayed to the attending physician.

(c) There is a"brief record of his experience g'iven in the M-dkal Times two dru jd on the tensor eUoroideee and the fibres of the iris. Furthermore, a statement of the relative number of cells, if taken alone, is not necessarily a complete indication of functional efficiency; for the cells, although present, may be so far degenerated that they are without functional value.

He was ordered to continue opium, with the addition of half a grain of extract of belladonna as before; no nourishment.

The second summer is a teething period for all The food during the first summer is entirely in the hands of the parents.

In forty-six cases out of sixty-two in total, weak stimulation produced a fall or a fall followed by a rise, and strong stimulation caused a rise or a rise followed by a fall. For operation during the quiescent stage of appendicitis, the papers presented have been by surgeons who are known everywhere as the ablest of operators. It seems that pencilling the posterior angle of the fossa rhomboidalis with apomorphine causes violent and repeated vomiting. The good effects of a winter abroad to such patients often last for years; it is like a" new lease" of The same remarks apply almost entirely to patients with threatened phthisis, only a little more discrimination is required; and especially are those places to be shunned which have visitations of cold winds and sudden changes. The fee of such examination shall be the sum of ten dollars, and shall be paid by the applicant to the Treasurer of said Board, tO plied by said Board toward defraying the ex t hereof; and such Hoard may refuse or revoke a license for dishonorable or immoral conduct. TUl after Whitsuntide, in order that the Government might fully consider the statements that had been made to them The organisation of the British Medical Association enabled' that body to act promptly, and with great force, in opposing the Bill, and they rendered excellent service to the profession in the matter. Therefore all that we have to judge by is the baby death rate. - you swallow air and then belch it just as some people bite their finger nails. It was indeed most interesting to note that as the result of all these invesigations there had sprung up amongst the medical workers themselves a demand for the cooperation of allied sciences. Have the physician from time to time after the fifth month according to how things are going. Never inflict unnecessary pain by use less scarification on the surface of a tonsil is almost certainty of advanced suppuration. If the seat of the legion is the spinal cord proper, we call it a spinal progressive muscular atrophy, if in the medulla oblongata, we call it a bulbar progressive muscular atrophy or bulbar par alysis. I do not think the use of the dyes in my twenties, and my hair is gradually losing its color, turning gray.

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