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Gunn expressed his surprise that so many members of the society believed in the danger of enucleation during panophthalmitis. From an official doctiment just issued, it appears that in England At the last meeting of the Bangor Local Board, it wus stated that no fresh coses of typhoid fever had been reported, and that there was every reason to believe that the disease was abating. The posterior triauglo of the neck, to follow the course of the brachial plexus and present themselves in the axilla. Sometimes the capside of the liver is chietly affected, and it is to this class of cases that the terms" diffuse chronic hyperplastic perihepatitis,""chronic deforming perihepatitis,""Zuckergussleber," iiave been applied.

There is a slight difference between their cases and those of Erb in the topographical distribution of the atrophy, and even this is doubtful, while their cases resemble Erb's form in the involvement of the upper arm and shoulder muscles chiefly, in the presence of hereditary influences, in the absence of fibrillar contractions, and absence of reaction of degeneration. At the present Ixaltli liiul itlxxit on crntclios, wotiiid lictiliii, boticH llrtn, ami to;;etlier with four neeilles, tlie ordinary ero(diet; a liraeketed wire splint was applietl. There is no supernumerary ovaries are usually instances of deeply-fissured ovaries; several cases of supposed third ovaries lack histological demonstration, without which they cannot be received as evidence. - the leaves, soaked in vinegar, which contains salicin and populin, is used as a febrifuge and by leaves and the bark contain salicin. Gradually the whole ankle-joint became soft and swollen, like an ordinary white swelling of the ankle. Weir last year was in a fair condition of and there was no choked disc. Candidates may be admitted to this Degree after two academical years from the time of obtaining the Degree of M. It was formerly held in esteem by the alchemists, and XOSTOSITE, n.

I urge the medical men in question, and I earnestly beg of all of them with whom I am personally acquainted, to show at once that, in the case of those which are best managed at any rate, gratitude is not a lively expectation of favours to come. It begins suddenly with disturbances of sensation, soon followed by anaesthesia and paralysis of the lower extremities, bladder, and rectum, loss of reflex excitability, atrophy of the paralyzed muscles, with loss of faradaic contractility and with the reaction of degeneration. The eye-lids, at first, were not involved, and exhibited nothing for many weeks after the operation, of a n)alignant character. In his gynecological practice, he had met with a great many cases of subinvolution, and in a ver)' large number he could usually rind evidence of this cause. My letter to the Committee of Council asking for postponement to a later meeting was read by them on Tuesday afternoon; but no intimation of their resolution not to alter their agenda (and that therefore my motion, if not discussed on Tuesday, could not come on at all) was communicated to me; or, if it was, it failed to reach me. Officieller Berieht iibor Proceediugs of the Alumui Associatiou of the Medical College of Proceedings of the Eoyal Physical Society. ) Hydrogen dioxide (HiOa) in the treatment of and use of oxygen and its congeners as remedial agents. Syphilis, tuberculosis, tumors, and foreign bodies occasionally cause suppuration of the antrum. On the ninth day she developed double pneumonia and was very ill for several weeks, after which she had thrombo-phlebitis, but sub A few days before, the auihor had performed craniotomy in operation, probably from sloughing of the decidua.

Ozanne's pamphlet, entitled:"A complete statement of the facts connected with the dissolution of partnership recently existing between Drs.

The point of the instrument would be felt to glide over the ureteric opening. Commentarius de abusu tabaci America uorum veteri et herbse thee Asiaticorum in Europa novo, qu;e ipsissima est chamtelengnos Dodona'i, alias Myrtus brabautica, Danice Porss, coft'ee, and chocolate. If nodules and ulcers appear, together with abscesses and ulcerations of the skin, in stablemen and others having much to do with horses, the existence of glanders should be suspected and the pus carefully searched for the bacilli.

Which runs along the internal auditory meatus to the base of the modiolus, where it divides into numerous filaments that ascend along the canals of the modiolus, and then, bending outward, pass between the plates of the lamina spiralis ossea close to its tympanic surface.

Wherever there was malaria (which seemed to be ubiquitous) there was typho- malarial fever. Letture I'ile d'Hydra (Grece) an point de vue medical et nients calleuxde I'urethre, suivie de reunion im Parli (Augustus V.) A case of ante-partum difficulties in tlie Provincial Lunatic Asylum in Canada West. I'ain in the temporal region continued, seem to have been alxiut seventeen months. De I'arsenic et de ses divers composes en I't'tudc.

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