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) This is an inflammation involving chiefly the uveal tract of the eye, but liable to extend to all the tissues of the eyeball, running a chronic course marked by repeated relapses, and ending in the majority of cases in complete blindness.

In using the button suture the necessity of drawing the catgut more tightly than would be the case were silk used, is pointed out, as well as the consequent injury to which the operator's fingers are liable, etc. The tear in the peritoneum is usually the most extensive, in the muscular coat less, least of all in the mucous coat.

Most likely, the majority of the cases that die would get well if the condition was correctly diagnosticated and treated, absolute rest, ice to the head or to the abdomen to keep down the temperature, opium to allay pain and control the peritonitis and careful rectal feeding and stimulation to support the strength being the leading indications. This conception accounts for the more frequent occurrence of albuminuria in young women, in whom reflexes are most easily excited. Ring, External, a triangular opening in login the fibres of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle transmitting the spermatic cord of the male and the round ligament of the female. And that further the normal balance of action between sensory and motor nerve elements is interfered with, producing as a result increased inhibition on one side and hyper-sensitiveness on the other.

In fact a trauma quasimicroscopic (the prick of a sewing-needle, hypodermic syringe, or a thorn, a scratch or excoiatior, measuriug only a few millimeters) is easily followed by a true traumatic tetanus. If he is correct and the same thing holds true with animals, the fact could be put to good advantage by dairymen.

Broadly speaking, the rapid development of very acute symptoms, especially when accompanied with rapid emaciation, with or without intestinal disturbances, is of grave significance, although it must be borne in mind that in few diseases is the fluctuation between an apparent condition of great gravity and one of comparative comfort and wellbeing more often seen. In the median line the lower border is midway between the end of the xiphoid cartilage and the umbilicus. Treatment of Boils in the Ear. The disk is swollen, its edges are blurred, and small hemorrhages are sometimes present in the retina. There seems, therefore, to have been even then an increasing belief that the degeneracy of the human race, as a whole, is in some respects advancing; and there seems some visible evidence of this more or less traceable through the past Morel especially directs attention to the apparent increase in Europe of mental alienation, and of those abnormal states of existence which have special relations with the occurrence and existence of physical and moral degeneracy in the world; and if a comparative increase in the number of the insane cannot yet be proven, there would seem to be a tendency to more frequent complications among them of those morbid states which diminish the probability of cure, such as general paralysis, epilepsy, and a marked depression of all the intellectual and physical forces, which depression is consistent with the asthenic phase of present existence. It is certainly a disease communicable by contact. This patient was excreting large amounts of ammonia, indicating the formation of organic acids in his system.

Another advantage of this meal is that the macroscopical appearances of the contents give at a glance a fair estimate of the way digestion is proceeding, especially as regards the motor power and the digestive power for proteids. Of the complications which arise, tympanites and obstinate vomiting are perhaps the most common. This latter outbreak was, however, not serious, and only resulted in towns in the north of England, the number of cases increased rapidly until they culminated in what is looked upon in the present day as an epidemic, email but what in pre-vaccination times would have been considered as merely the normal amount of small-pox. Hyperphoria, or vertical insufficiency, generally goes with one of the other varieties. Marked dulness is then noticed in the flanks, and when the patient turns to the right the dulness in the left flank is changed to a tympanitic note, and vice versa, unless the intestines are bound down by adhesions. It is a paralysis usually preceded by atrophy affecting, in order, the tongue, the lips and lower part of the face and finally the larynx, pharynx, oesophagus and heart. Lecturer on Pathology and Morbid Anatomy at Charing-Cross Hospital Medical School, London. It is frequently of an active, noisy character and the patient may require restraint. It is possible that the greater youth of some portions of the army may, to a certain extent, affect the returns, but I believe the difference is mainly to be explained by improvements in the sanitary conditions under which they are now called on to serve. There was considerable hemorrhage at the bottom of the sac; a sponge was applied, and a section in the upper rib was practised.

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