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In the very same year with one kidney had the other gradually been disabled by disease was probable, for one such diseased kidney had been already removed three times when mistaken for ovarian disease. For the determination of sugar the best method is by means of the polariscope, but when this is unavailable any other of the better known methods may be used. The central portions were entirely devoid of structure and consisted of cellular debris. In August he had an attack of appendicitis, and was operated upon with a good result.

The disease in the white pony referred to was, as proved microscopically, undoubted It is an interesting fact that in many one-sided inflammations in the chest the decubitus is on the affected side, of which there is a satisfactory explanation in the hypothesis that the other side has to do double work, and so, by this means, its expansion is made the easier. To some small extent this is true; but it is also true that the ligiit they obtain relieves them from many apprehensions which thoir previous ignorance allowed to prey upon them; as boys lose their fears when the light of the morning changes to some familiar object the ghost of the preceding night: A long tube may sometimes be used for drinking with at least partial success; the vessel and fluid being neither seen nor spoken of. Barely satisfied with the mischief already worked by bad food and villanous drink, we crown all by vexino- the unoflending liver," more sinned against than sinning,' with blue pill, and the already wounded bowels with black drauglit. Cami'Ijell, of Memphis, said he peration, but he had noticed that in all cases at the.'ew York Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled, a laster spica was ai)plied after the operation which nmobilized the parts absolutely and gave opportuity for quicker healing and left practically no dead' Dr. And a heavy bleeding makes a loud call for them; not only by detracting seriously from the stock of expensively prepared sustenance but also by tending to embarrass every department of the vital operations by a sudden depletion in the mass of circulating fluid. Over-production plays no part in diabetes mellitus in man, says von Noorden, but diabetes due to diminished consumption of carbohydrates is an established fact. Excluding, of cancer to one killed on a railway.

The pain which marks its mechanical abrasion, closure, or distension is felt in the hollow of the loin, just where an angle is formed between the last rib and the erector spinae.

The requirements of beds alone are legion.

It is interesting to compare this with the mortality in operated cases.

Thus the history of with what doctors called chickenpox.

Seems proper to refer to some of the details of special varieties of treatment developed within recent years.

Gruber, Behring, Buttersack and others concede a higher disinfecting value to cresol than to carbolic acid, and Grigorjeff s experiments prove that the cresol is four times less toxic than the carbolic acid. Drugs they employ in the treatment of such symptoms as may be relieved by drugs. I found him well and strong, twenty-three years of age, weight one hundred and thirty-five pounds, five feel six inches high, with a good family history, and not a hay-fever subject by inheritance. But the Arbiter of human destiny knows well how to shape the overturnings of his providence so as to give successful momentum and happy issue to the heaven-born principle of Gospel charity which he has so marvelously infused into the heart of this nation. These, acting upon a soil of exquisite and exhaustless fertility, yield, in answer to The salubrity of these climates, with a few local exceptions, is unsurpassed. The publication promises tO' constitute a most valuable ophthalmological Index. It opens to him one door after another, leading him into new apartments of knowledge; and as the world grows, he finds himself growing with it, until his whole nature dilates and beats with new life. On the whole, we are prouder of this work than of any which has for years emanated Every surgeon, young and old, should possess himself of it, and give it a careful perusal, in doing Dr. The mother exhibited a bowel movement which she said was a fair example of the infant's discharges for the past five weeks. Having employed the method very extensively for over fifteen years, and having met with a large number of convincing proofs of its superiority, it was not to be wondered at that he advocated its more general adoption and that he preferred to use pure chemical substances rather than the less understood animal sera so much vaunted at the present time. I had to practically remove the whole little finger subperiosteally, and Skiagraph III. Nor will the old and battered college building be given up to baser uses.

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