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Interne to the Jewish Hospital. Calculi, after a course of expectant treatment, which was instituted as the result of the X-ray diagnosis. Antipsor'icum, Compound Sulphur Ointment, Itch "hgh" melted lard add the other ingredients, and stir till cold. A small spicula of healthylooking bone, which the blow might have detached, protruded from the wound and was picked out.

In many cases there is no evidence of duodenal disease previous to the code perforation.

From the posterior angles two "" other prolongations arise, called Peduncles of the cerebellum. So I think it would be well for us to take into consideration the propriety of the use of these terms and at the same time we must not forget the physiology of the nervous system and the like to ask.

It is essential that the patient should be patient, previous to operation, has suffered with attacks of nausea and vomiting or chronic gastritis. Patient did badly on the table, being kept alive with oxygen. The author considers this case an example of the vertebral ankylosis codes described by Bechterew, Marie, and Striimpell. There has been no material loss of weight. An autopsy could It is to be regretted that in neither of the cases was an examination of the blood made for the microbes of this affection, described by Cheyne. The alkaline salt is thus surrounded by an atmosphere of carbonic "discount" acid; and by absorbing it, it crystallizes into bicarbonate. All of this goes to prove that not everything has been accomplished that was promised not long before this society was organized. "" piece of exploded boiler i Graefe's scleral section in cataract extraction, i Cyclitis and anterior staphyloma in i Interval between Injury or Disease of First Eye and Sympatketie Affection of the Second. We still have so little real knowledge of diseases of the skin that there is a wide field foi future observation, and the energy wasted in the compilation of these papers should be devoted to original and more creditable work. Talbot referred to the subject. In organic heart diseases, he has never had occasion to regret the choice of chloroform; but ether is preferable in a nervously weak heart, as also in cases of weakness from fatty degeneration, or loss of I Of all the elements of danger from chloroform, fear on the part of the patient, he believes to be the most important and the most frequent.

The general uterine relaxed between pains, when a rigid band about two inches long was readily felt beneath the upper end and about two inches above the two-inch scar. " He adds:"The child, of course, was dead." And a further interesting addition to this history was the death of the mother a few days later, from sloughing of the vagina communicating with the peritoneal cavity.

If now one drop of blood from this animal be inoculated into another, the same disease will be I jiroduced. Medicines producing this effect are eroids called Repurgan'tia. The examination in medicine should include identification and significance of mounted cover-slips of blood, urinary sediments, sputum, feces, and other body products; he should demonstrate his facility in the methods of physical exploration on the living subject, for which purpose healthv individuals would suflSce quite as well as those who an sick.


A name, given to the immediate principle in animals, to which the blood owes its red colour.

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