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The most nourishing but carefully-prepared food must be given; boiled oats and beans may be allowed in any quantity which the animal will consume, Sulphate of zinc Half a drachm. Phosphorus is known to enter into the composition of the human brain, and a courageous writer has exclaimed, in his trenchant German," Ohne phosphor kein Gedanke." That may or may not be the case; but even if we knew it to be the case, the knowledge would not lighten our darkness. You see that I give her great pain. Until the clearing of forests, cultivating of crops and domestication of animals, insects were chiefly botanical and biological scavengers. Locally there will always develop edema of the extremity used. Thefe perfons had beep liable for fome years before to have fits of a regular or very paiur ful inflammatory gout; but after they had taken the medicine for fome time, they were quite fi-ep from any fit of inflammatory gout j and particur perfons tolerably entire. The stomach hath two parts, which are called one of these it lifteth up and bringeth down food and drink into the belly, and with the other it bringeth up that which is ejected when men vomit. To the task, either from the large amount of; efl'ete material to be eliminated, from preI vious disease in the secreting tissue, or from congestion resulting (as it often does) from their increased work, then the blood; becomes contaminated, and coiivulsions or the typhoid state supervene. The college should be responsible for the intermediate examinations. Ihe law very properly is not in advance of public opinion, bnt it is mychart in a most unwholesome condition when it fags so far behind aa do some of the procedures in lunacy.

Should the ulceration prove obstinate, apply permanganate of potash, half an ounce; water, three ounces. This is further promoted by the lessened co-ordination between the metatarsal bones as the result of tired muscles and the generally diminished sensibility of the foot induced AMYL NITRITE IN DIAGNOSIS OF MITRAL STENOSIS.

The most widely distributed of the public health benefits are the sanitary pit privies that have been constructed. If the health be undisturbed, the operator will be conscious only of a genial glow; should inflammation exist, the augmentation of the natural All is then certainty; no further doubt is justifiable, and no additional symptom need be looked for.

The scope of my examination covers the following points: eyes, ears, nose, throat, teeth, skin, scalp, posture and nutrition.

He https was a good citizen and felt the responsibility of doing well his duty in every position he filled in life; his memory will long be dear to his friends and he will be Do you enjoy good ETCHING? Then get PORTFOLIO for Health, and of the Agricultural Experiment Station, has resigned.

Therefore as happenings like unto these are common APOPLEXY AND THE FALLING SICKNESS (careers). Tho patient made an uneventful recovery, and she and both children were doing well when discharged from hospital PRELIMINARY NOTE // ON THE.Y-RAY TREATMENT OF INTERSTITI.XL KERATITIS. Others are strongly opposed to every article of my faith.

Sir Edward Sharpey Schafer presided last week over the final meeting of tbe General Committee of the eleventh. TommasiCrudeli, he was soon able, thanks to the kindness of several Roman land-proprietors, to obtain the necessary material for those researches, from the soil and air of the infected districts, partly of from the Roman Campagna and the Pontine Marshes. When the muscles controlling eversion and dorsiflexion of the foot are strongly developed, and the depression in front of the external malleolus is present, this insole may be discarded: now.. We mayconclude, I think, fromthese propositions.that each specific germ will set up the same specific disease in a parturient as in a particular condition of the patient is prone to; whether it be to puerperal septicEemia, to erysipelas, to typhoid fever, or diphtheria, all of which diseases I believe may be generated by septic matters, not yet rendered specific and particulate by cultivation in albuminous fluids:

They have a vast tendency to become partially dropsical.

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