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Sufficient mucous membrane should be left to form a pouting anus, at least one-half inch above the level of the abdominal wall.

After the initial stage the improvement was rapid. Vulpian has shown that in two cases they were next to gone, that is, that tliere was hardly a fibre left in them that was not destroyed, not simply atrophied, but almost entirely destroyed as regards a good part of them. At present the measurements of the normal pelvis and foetal head are indefinite and unsettled, and must continue so to be, so long as they are determined by our present methods of teaching and learning the normal mechanism of labor, it is proposed to adopt an ideal or hypothetical head and pelvis, upon the dimensions of which all authorities may agree. Indeed, it would have been impossible for air to enter the pleural cavity because the two sheets of the pleura were tightly adherent, especially over the upper third of the lung. The aspirator brought away a quantity of foetid pus, with quick relief. They regard tlie case described by the late Professor Sanders and Professor D: chania. No paper must exceed twenty minutes in reading, and no subsequent speech must exceed ten minutes; all speeches at the General Meeting must not exceed ten minutes each. To their over, for that honor has been conferred upon him both by Edinburgh and by Aberdeen. As soon as she regained her senses she noticed that there had been involuntary urination and the power and feeling in the lower extremities were completely gone from the toes upward as far as the groins. If the opening into the pleura, whether pulmonary or parietal, heals, the lung expands as the air in the pleural cavity is absorbed. The time and money spent in the medical inspection of schools are amply justified by this report. Personal contact was a probable means of infection; dust-laden air may have contributed somewhat to its spread. Spontaneous contractions were seen when it was withdrawn from the abdomen and suspended. Continuing to take it from the remainder, he consumed one and a quarter minutes on an average, and failed to perform it correctly, sometimes making two errors, and being often very dull and hesitating in replying. Neither has beei: brought within the ken of ordinary chemistry: they are at present recognised only by their physiological effects. This may often be effected by keeping the finger wet with alcohol, diluted with an equal quantity of camphor-water. With regard to spasm of the sphincter ani I have operated on over ninety cases of fissurae in ano, the most potent cause of spasm, six of whom were under sixteen, and examined children with spasm of the sphincters from other causes, but in no case have I ever observed symptoms and signs at all suggestive of idiopathic dilatation. Granted to Her Majesty's Indian Military Forces on account of wounds and injuries received in action as xania combatant officers holding the same relative rank. Two or more attending physicians or surgeons. - frequent meals would also be theoretically indicated to keep the acid juice at work on the food, instead of permitting it to irritate the mucosa. Henri Claude, rightly, as we are disposed to think, spoke of many of the recent observations on the evil effects of salt as unscientific, and he made a beginning in a more rational consideration of the subject. It rapidly becomes intense and is distinctly obstructive in character. OPERATION OF THE ARMY WARRANT IN INDIA, just arrived in this country, and, as half ttie army serves conslantty here, it would be well for those who join at Netley to know what they may expect on arrival, for they will most certainly spend their first five years in India.

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