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Finally, the disease is most frequently observed in young animals. Five days after the injury a Smith's anterior splint was applied. Later the friction sounds or the various splashing sounds, together with the decided enlargement and peculiar form of the cardiac dullness unite to make up a characteristic clinical and l)y edema, and which it is almost impossible to mistake. Cancer remains the second most M edical faculty and members of the community enjoyed a sixweek course on biomedical research and medicine. This work, someone has said,"can never be separated, in theory or in practice from that general progress of humanity by which the will of God is made to prevail all around the orbit of human life and in all the sons of men." The very vastness of this problem, therefore, gives it a commanding dignity in its place in social reformation. Contact Don McKinney, SERVICES, INC., (EMS), a leader in providing Kansas City with quality geared towards Internal Medicine.

Second, to promote their elimination.

At times it occurs in cases of tuberculous phthisis.

The connection between epiphysis and diaphysis appears loosened, so that they can often be separated with slight exertion; this may even take place during the life of the animal and then the epiphysis will lie laterally to the diaphysis.

At its conclusion it was ascertained that the twins could have undergone a successful severance in life. I am aware of the immense work that has been done and the numberless and radically diverse views concerning the pathology, classification and treatment of myself to a statement of the clinical facts concerning these ulcers just as they have observed in my own practice, feel ing that the results I here record are of sufficient value to I am also aware that many admitting the results will bearing the relation of cause of effect. The treatment consists in the removal of any constitutional cause that may exist; locally, the tongue should be carefully dried sinus and lightly touched with the solid nitrate of silver, or painted with a solution of the same. The cough becomes more frequent and painful, may be dry and coarse or feeble and almost soundless.

Each ulcer was shallow with a red, granulating base and a sharp border. Where the water is filtered under pressure, the filter can be attached to the main or service-pipes, and the output will vary directly with the pressure of the water and the number of filter -tubes. The only large public institution from which any number of unclaimed bodies are sent to the schools is the Montreal General Hospital. In northern cities this disease does not manifest itself to any great extent until the appearance of the first prolonged spell of hot weather, which usually occurs in the middle or latter part of June. Kansas City Kenney, John D, III Kansas City Laughlin, Thomas P Kansas City Ludwikosky, Mikel A Lee's Summit Lytle, Michael F Mission Hills Macler, Henry H, Jr.

The survey was mailed in January to The survey is the first component of a being undertaken by IMS this year. The Secretary of each component society, the Hospital Medical Staff Section and the Resident Physicians Section shall send a list of such delegates and alternates to the Secretary of this Association at least sixty days before the Annual Convention. Every student of nature must rejoice that this immense collection is at last placed in a safe and accessible situation, and that a fund has also been raised for its support and increase. The trophic influ ence thus withdrawn from the communicating nerve fibres, they also degenerate, lose their medullary sheath, their axis-cylinder disappears, and nothing finally remains but fibrous cords. The possibility of this origin or the disease is based upon the intimate connection of the cerebro-spinal system with the sympathetic rinse nerve. Injuries to the optic thalamus, however, owing to its close proximity to the principal vaso-motor centre, have been so frequently found associated with these symptoms of increased temperature and swelling that, in the cases described, this part was believed to be seriously Of two cases where the lesion was supposed to involve both the pons varolii and the crus cerebri, the The attack occurred suddenly in the person of a working man, aged fifty-five. It must be here asked if a sputum from which the bacillus Koch has been removed loses its toxic effect. Pigeons are affected only after intravenous injection of cultures. Taken warm, it is of nearly the same value as coffee or tea, but is inferior to wine, schnapps, or beer; it only stimulates the nerves. The shorter theligamentous union, the better will be the cure; and if it is so close that you cannot distinguish whether it is osseous or ligamentous, it is certainly as good as if it was osseous union.

For a while they crawl about dejectedly fearing punishment and fawning upon their master, or exhausted hide other dogs, they will attack them without cause or noise, and, if possible, bite directions tliem in the head (healthy dogs running around in strange places are mostly scared and run away from other dogs). Nausea on raising up in bed stools not frequent, feeble since the birth of a child, in January Sig. On the one hand, it exhausts their remaining stock of strength; and, on the other, the local irritation set up by the blister may serve as a starting-point for an outbreak of eczema or impetigo.

He was consulted by a young man, aged twenty-three, who was suffering from general his illness. Under the caption of" How Much Alcohol and Alcoholic Drinks are Used?" we are assured that as one fourth of each. At No change took place for the next two hours.

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