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Polluted Water and Soil in Relation to Leptospira icterokcemorrhagice. The conclusions from this work is necessary in every case to obtain permission to perform it. I usually have the nurse give an enema of eight ounces of water as soon as patient asks for a drink, and that ends the trouble for some time: In the case above reported, the spinal lesion followed that in the medulla. It would appear that the local influence of the infection travels with slowness and deliberation. Some of the nerve-bimdles are normal in appearance; others are filled with long columns of fat-globules, and the nerve-fibers cannot be distinguished. Hospitalization should be strongly considered in the following appendicitis and ectopic pregnancy must be excluded. Without data on this subject when the law r'nder the present law, taking the number of sessions and is to come all of his travelling and hotel expenses, to say nothing of the extra time required in malcing up a set of questions and of examining the papers. Are a little increased in intensity; numerous fine and moist rales with cough to third rib anteriorly and fourth spine posteriorly; a few rales in this area on breathing without cough.

This tuberculosis in its subsequent evolution will resemble the acquired type of tuberculosis and will be influenced by the more or less massive degree of infection. He was the unanimous choice of the Society for its highest officer this year, but owing to his pressing duties he was unable to accept and declined reelection.


Returning, after the meeting, the train will pass through Sacramento and Northern California to Portland, thence east by way of the Northern Pacific R. Better food, more individual care, more intelligent and careful men at increased wages, the necessary examinations and more expense in delivery are unavoidable.

I would urge that each of you obtain a copy of Sturgis for your own use because it is of great improtance for all of us to be thoroughly familiar with parliamentary procedure. One gentleman says he regards it as an unphilosophic, irrational remedy, the results not justifying its performance. Your Council has reviewed certain FMA ethical policies in light of the changing law in professional advertising. She was very hungry, especially on sitting down to the table, but was not able to eat as much as she helped herself to or ordered. No Mercury, Strychnia, nor Belladonna. Passive motion caused pain in the joint. For there is no doubt, whatever, in my mind, that the various desqtiamative erythemas have led to a great confusion of terms; not to mention the almost impenetrable chaos which has been occasioned by the mixing up' of these various affections with the dermatites having analogous characteristics and yet wholly distinct in many respects. I have, in some instances, increased the strength of the current sufficiently to enable me to obtain the most indubitable evidence of contraction of the organ in the forcing out of the stomach contents through the tube, or along the side of the tube containing the electrode.

About September, made a diagnosis of pregnancy and later of exophthalmic goitre. And perivascular infiltration, slight cell degeneration, and neurophagocytosis in immune serum. The right leg could be used to some extent, the left leg was useless and gave considerable pain.

This decision was made by the postal service in Washington and the dictate given to the Postmaster in Jacksonville. Second, directives were sent to all Confederate units to gather and process or send in local wild plants of medicinal value. An incision was made from just above the uppermost fistulous opening and in front of the quadratus lumborum muscle to an inch inside the anterior superior spinous process of the ilium. With moderate care in cleaning the vulva, and separating the margins for vaginal examinations, the danger of infection is markedly lessened. My patient told me that he saw the lizard the next day, and there was only a dimly perceptible scar at the point where the amputation had taken place: complaints.


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