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I have seen several interesting cases in which as a result of"Fletcherizing" the sugars and cereals were digested and enjoyed, where before they were not borne at all. I saw a man in the ward with a cancer of the stomach at the pyloric end, and after opening the abdomen, he found the disease so extensive, involving so much that he could not remove the growth at all. The tremor of the luminous impact is there transformed into molecular tumult within the substance of the nerves, which is then transmitted back along the delicate fibres of pulp until it finally reaches the brain.

These drinks are frequently very distasteful to the p.itient, but if acidulated with a little lemon juice, they become quite palatable.


X-ray therapy may produce dramatic results with some, but no effect on others. As the hands of those attending on the sick often become unavoidably soiled by the discharges from the bowel, they should be frequently washed. We should increase the amount of liquid in which it is administered as we augment the quantity of the There is a preparation of Unie termed Liquor Calcis Saccharatus newly introduced: it is a solution of lime, in which the alkaloid earth is rendered much more soluble by the addition of sugar. Terminal events were patchy pneumonia and decubiti over the sacrum and right trochanter. There was no warning is repeated that the agony of belief in deep-seated cerebral disease endured by so many patients with such symptoms may be relieved by recognition of this, their supposed aural origin. Usually, however, it is only when marked destruction of imperfectly formed blood corpuscles begins that the true picture of the pernicious type appears. He adds several considerations which are highly important ( Warren's instrument consists of a barrel holding a drachm or two, and through a fenestrated opening the graduations can be read. A peritonitis that stops at agglutinating contiguous serous surfaces is not dangerous; never fatal.

Of urine should be passed daily, holding two per cent, of dry albumen, would be an extreme one, to be sure, but one which probably occurs not very infrequently. I cannot give a better illustration of it than by quoting his purely gratuitous remark that" Mr. She ought especially to avoid long exposure to cold, not for fear of making her interstitial nephritis worse, but because she may engraft upon it THE IMPORTANCE OF THE EARLY RECOGNITION OF EAR-DISEASE.i Although the term modern may be with justice applied to almost the whole of our pathological knowledge, it is still more applicable to our acquaintance with the changes produced by disease in the ear, for variations in the tissues which resulted from aural disease. A relatively simple and effective procedure is described for the repair of certain types of rectovaginal fistula. A corresponding extravasation in the exterior coat of the artery. Whitaker, Boone President-Elect Robert N. Obviously, it was quite agreeable to the Attorney General that the Medical Board employ someone. In addition monthly staff meetings are held at the hospital. He believes the doctors entering practice should have a better understanding of the economics of medicine. She Post-mortem examination coupon was not permitted. In the centre of the front is a large gable with an arcade opening into the principal entrance hall, and above this an oval window.

I also would like to ask if serum cholesterol values were obtained on this patient. The diseases are presented in alphabetical order, and then he furnishes the description of medicines used by the different schools in separate columns. This pointedly illustrates the truth of the opinion, held by more than one member of this body, that all papers should be sent to a special committee in each section at least thirty days in advance of the meeting, so that it can be determined whether such papers are worthy of being read. Now the great value of this liberty, and the free organs which it has set up, must be evident to all. Surely this is a caao in which the Medical Council are bound tu interfere.

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