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" Spinal tenderness all but gone; has only had a few slight fits since tlic cupping, and none at all since noon yesterday." By the Ttli there had been no return of tlic fits, but as the spinal teiulerueRs had not cnth-ely disappeared, a long narrow blister was applied in that region. On his return from the Continent lie obtained, through the influence of Sir William Hooker, tlie appointment of surgeon and naturalist to the ship William and Anne, bclongnig to the Hud.son's Bay Company, which was despatched wiMi the concurrence of (iovernment on a mission to the north-west coast of America. Youatt informs us that they are very seldom, but sometimes, found in the large intestines. Uterus contracted further and no subsequent relaxation noted.

No CLAIM FOR CLEANLINESS OR HASTE CAN JUSTIFY OTHER THAN AN OCCASIONAL USE OP THE INJECTION; for it Hiust be remembered that ALL MUCOUS MEMBRANES ARE SELF-CLEANSING, and as such do not require the continual flushing to which some individuals are unfortunately subjected. By positive cultures, and some gave a history suggesting an attack of salpingo-oophoritis in the past. It is in this class of individuals that it may become a difficult matter to demonstrate whether so-called delusional Finally, if I were to select any one part of this paper that appeals to me more than any other, I would especially commend the paragraphs relating to disturbances of the judgment. Depletion of the alkaline reserve will result when there is an excessive introduction from without the body of acids, as occurs in mineral acid or carbonic acid poisoning, or when an abnormal formation of acids takes place within the organism, the classical example of which is diabetic acidosis; it may also result from an excessive accumulation of the citrix normal acid products of metabolism in the system owing to deficiency in the excretory functions of the kidneys, as is seen in interstitial nephritis; or it may follow an exceptional drain of bases, from the body, such as may be induced by profuse diarrhoea. Red corpuscles, probably as the result of the destruction of the latter, and is held in solution format in the serum. Spinach in Omelettes, Asparagus, Green Peas with Carrots, Green- Peas, Vegetable Ragout, Oatmeal- Porridge, Flour-Milk-Porridge, Soft-Boiled Eggs, Pancakes, Omelette, Boiled-Beef, Beef with Sour Cream, Sirloin or Fillet,"Gulasch", Roast Pigeons, Roast Hare, English Mince or Rissoles, Stewed Representation of Individual Exercises- Movements of the Head, Exercises for the Body, Exercises for the Arm and Hand, Foot and Leg Exercises, Exercises with the Pole Formation and Care of the Human Body. For the most part the condition of the patient will be such that unless this can be easily accomplished it will not be wise to make any attempt to remove the cause at the first operation (linkedin). Ovarica, one of the fimbriae of the Fallopian tube nearly double the length email of the others, and characterized by the great size of its secondary fringes. There was infinite scope in India for an extension of the operations of the association, as outside the great cities and the main lines of the railways the field was untouched. The discharge of this pus from the places of its accumulation is called sum)uration. There is often much swelling due to extravasation of blood; it is not always easy to obtain crepitus, and the effusion of blood in the connective tissue beneath the muscles causes a sensation which may be mistaken for crepitus; the scapula lies beneath a mass of muscle or adipose tissue in muscular and fat patients.

But one can easily perceive in our author's statements on this subject how soon one gains confidence in the use of cutting instruments, even in such obscure and important organs We do not, however, think that the lancet is often the proper instrument to use for the removal of tumours from the larynx.

He could address only state briefly the eonelusions. The test shows the hemaglobin In addition to the stomach condition from which this patient is suffering, there is a question still in my mind whether or not there may be associated with it a certain amount of kidney irritation, and this urinary report which I had made today tends to confirm my opinion, because there I find a slight trace of albumen and casts to confirm that diagnosis or the possibility of that diagnosis. - an alphabetic table of the principal ganglia is appended, showing their location, roots, and distribution. Secondly, when sheep die suddenly in the first stage of the disorder, an effusion of serum, or of wheyish-coloured fluid, may commonly be discovered in the cavity of the abdomen, and then the peritoneum surrounding the liver is generally covered vfdth a membrane or coat of coagulable lymph.

Muscles, generally accompanied by dilatation of the veins (especially tho cutaneous ones) of the part.

Jones and of life and health; of the nature of symptoms, as vital, mechanical or chemical; nor any other dispky from which his ideas on these subjects can be intelligent medical men agree as to the indications of the disease, but differ widely in the modes and means of fulfilling them. The employment of antistreptococcic serum has been extensive in recent years, especially in our hospitals.

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