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Gross'"Discourse on Bloodlettingconsidered as.a Therapeutic Agent," has hands. The chest showed some hyperresonance, with harsh, puerile breath sounds throughout and a few scattered dry rales. A substitute for the bath in bed is an electric light bath, which acts as an analgesic in many types of toxic pains. We soon found that the peritoneum of the male pelvis could easily be drawn around the drain ( There was hectic and very profuse night-sweats. Statement that there is no evidenee to prove the contention. Je considere la pneumonie chez les typholdiques comme etant d'ordinaire une determination morbide parasitaire, d'origine vraisemblablement grippale, surajoutee k ia dothienenterie; aussi j'insiste pour que Ton pratique I'isolement des typholdiques, non pas pour preserver les autres malades couches dans leur voisinage, mais pour les garantir eux dans les salies communes oii its sont places. Children of two or three years of age are most liable to it, and the attacks occur more frequently at night ( Edwards kept frogs immersed for months in aerated water, so that they could not breathe through the lungs. One had peritonitis and the other died of a lobular, not a lobar, pneumonia. The communication was referred to a committee, consisting of Drs. " First, as an answer to the cry that homceopathy is dying out, the annual reports of many of the homoeopathic hospitals and dispensaries, in almost every case, show a large increase in the number of patients. Daily is a member of the senior staff of the Department of Radiology of the Medical Center of Delaware. Quill and devotes himself to the, almost as confusing, work of unravelling the intica It will be seen that we spare no pains to render the Record more and more worthy of its large and rapidly increasing pat We are happy to inform out readers that we have articles promised for our September number by Prof. There were no morbid changes in the brain other than a somewhat rosy tint of the cortex. They were unanimous in the opinion that the foot and mouth disease does not injure the meat. This asj'lum, though covering an area of twenty-five acres, is not sufficiently large to accommodate numbers of applicants; from want of accommodation, ninety females were refused admission oflF with delight to the afflicted inmates, and to a large number of visitors; among whom were Dr. The congestion is here the consequence of diminished nervous power, and is nothing more nor less than that state which occurs in all cases of sudden prostration. G-ouraud observes that these principles have only, or nearly only, been applied in Switzerland, and thinks that mountain stations for such cases might very well be selected in some parts of France.

Although the circulation is the ordinary excitor of respiration, yet in the cold-blooded, and the new-born imperfect warm-blooded animals, the respiratory movements may continue after the cessation of the circulation.

If the serous membranes be inflamed, sensory and reflex phenomena are excited. Science thus turns the attention of the physician from the woman, where it has long, even opprobriously, rested, to the man, who may be at fault in Dr.

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