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He said we must show the people the economy, advantage and humanity of these Dr. Becquerel and Breschet take note of this as well as the next difficulty, that of currents being possibly produced by electrolytic action, a danger which is likely to be greater when bloods of different composition are investigated with the aid of very sensitive galvanometers. It was neeessary to hold the tubes in the to be of much practical use. Turning to a Norwegian by the name of Johnson, something to behold,"Reed, you know all about it; tell the doctor if what I say about how much I am worth is not true.""Reed," or Johnson, rather, replied:"Yah, doctor, it is every verd true. Hale AVhitb showed this specimen.

Sections under the nncroseope showjiarlial desquamation of tlu' sujierflcial epithelium, the remaining cells beiug swollen and cloiuly and tilled with much mucus. As a consequence there is a decrease in peripheral utilization of ketone bodies and elevation in the levels of stress hormones that results in even greater but there are other factors such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and hyperventilation that contribute to the dehydration.

One feels as if the food were held l)ack about the stricture or regurgitated.

No doubt the pamphlet referred to has been generally circulated amongst the profession, but if any have failed to secure copy they A branch of the London (Eng.) Society for Psychical Research has been started in Montreal, and would be pleased to hear of facts bearing upon the theory of the intercommunication of thought or consciousness without any visible medium, ("ommenting on the aims of this Society a Montreal paper gently chides the profession for not taking an interest in such matters, and predicts that when the study of psychology is more general among the doctors that they will be brought to see the error of their ways. A charitable genteman of Philadelphia has who has always been well, but in whom there had gradually developed a fluctuating tumor in the region of the spleen that filled the larger part of the left half of the abdomen.

The prompt recovery of the patient, fortunately, precluded all possibility of confirming the diagnosis by anatomical examination, and the character of the discharge from the wound was very different from that of healthy urine. It acts chiefly on the alimentary canal and the power of locomotion. Then the patient will require france less meat in his diet. Sensation slowly returning power and sensation about the sphincters, telling nurse when the bowels are about to act and when over sphincters gradually returning. Digitized by the Internet Archive LONGMANS, GREEN, READER, AND DYER, SECOND SERIES.

The treatment of the primary affection is all that is required (

A child was taken to a hospital and some medicine given it, and then perhaps the child died, and the medical attendant, after looking up the books and finding the child had been treated, would give a certificate. The cases he had found it most useful in were not tibroids at all, but merely indurations about the uterus. The earlier the treatment is instituted, the better the prognosis. At the end of the inspiratory movement they again collapse.

The first factor is undoubtedly largely dependent upon the mass of the tissue, especially when this is a moist conductor, and it is possible that the increased spread of current deviations through such a large bulk as that of the human brain may, to some extent, explain the high intensity wliich has to be used. In cases where the copper fails to produce vomitting, we need expect no good from its administration, and we have then to choose between tracheotomy, cold affusion, and musk; and the two latter remedies, according to Honerkq)ff', may induce irritability of the stomach, and thus of administration so closely resemble those of Hbnerkopff which we have giTen, that it is unnecessary to quote them here at length.

Relates an obstinate case of cephalagia, which he treated by hydrochlorate of morphia dissolved in a strong infusion of coffee.

The seventh clause proposes to amend the requirement as to the qualification of sanitary inspectors so as to prevent a previous three years' experience from being accepted in substitution for a certificate of competency.

We have again and again seen patients recover such, lately dismissed, was a hypodermic taker of several years. Our desire has been to supply the want referred to, and to that end we have undertaken a series of experiments, to decide upon a method of extraction, which should be selective in its character, so that all the desirable properties of the drug should be represented in our preparation, to the exclusion of those which produce dangerous and unwished-for results. Tele OBAJis can be Received on Thursday Moening. The ears, horns, nose and extremities are abnormally warm or cold, one extreme alternating with the other.

In the following table the first column quantity of water, the third column shows whether any sugar appeared of each solution, and it is important that the quantity of water be the same in every case, for the result varies according to the quantity of liquid absorbed during a given time. Hopwood says,"tiiat the martyrs are renewed from year to year. Gastric for alkalies; licking whitewashed walls, nibbling at soiled litter. Great anxiety or grief may aid an already existing cause.

It was further stated that mischief could result only from carelessness; that as medical men received special training, no risk need now be apprehended, and that the alleged injury arising from vaccination was disproved by all medical experience.

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