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The spleen becomes enlarged and tender, the urine becomes scanty, dark-colored, albuminous, and of high specific gravity, and in severe cases delirium and coma occur. The writer remembers that the first patient he ever saw bled was operated on by Dr. But the nearer it approaches the cortex, and the more destruction it causes there, the more we may expect motor disturbances.


The prognosis is always bad, and depends generally upon the existence of splenic cancer only in so far as this indicates the dissemination of the primary afiection ancl becomes the forerunner of the cancerous cachexia. Newman kindly accepted the proposition, sent me his pamphlets, assured me that following his rules would convince me of their truth, and accepted from me a dispensary patient to treat that I might personally verify the re suit attained by himself. Primary operation, open the structures composing the abdominal wall, between the ureter and the pubes, down to the peritoneum and bladder. This strength has seemed to me the most useful, cent, solution as a hardening agent. Later investigations, however, seem to make it probable that the lardaceous degeneration is mostly limited to the connective-tissue trabecule and walls of the venous sinuses; that the pulp-cells are for the most part not implicated, but that they disappear in consequence of the pressure of the ever-increasing lardaceous material and the consequent ansemia (Cohnheim, Ziegler). Thoracentesis (OtopaS, chest, and xivretv, to pierce) is the operation for the evacuation of collections of fluid, serum, pus, or blood from the pleural Among the ancients, dating back to the time of Hippocrates, it was practised, and was known as the operatio empyematis. In one instance canned apricots had' contained a poison due to some alteration by decay, and resembling tyrotoxicon in its effects. The next step of the operation was to lift the tendon by means of the hook and pass, first one needle and then the other, through the tendon from within out, at points one-eighth of an inch apart, bringing these needles out through the conjunctiva, a little in advance of the tendon insertion. Incompetency of the auriculo-ventricular valves follows with dilatation of the auricle and impeded blood-flow in the pulmonary veins.

Patient sat up on the fourteenth day after operation and was out of bed in twenty-five days. In this way, by placing a patient on a douche pan, intra-uterine irrigation may be resorted to, without the least inconvenience or exhaustion to the patient, as removal of the tube tor sterilization, as a rule, oftenerthan every twenty- four or forty-eight hours is found unnecessary even in case of puerperal sepsis. Cases have been reported by Bennett and Church in which there was persistent elevation of temperature, with daily fluctuations and rapidity of pulse and respiration. Parvin, of Philadelphia, cites Grammatikati as stating that only thirtij-eight cases have as yet been published. If vomiting is a marked element in the case, it has been my custom to resort to rectal alimentation, with most excellent results. General tonic measures must be employed for the support of the strength. The circumference of the thigh over the most prominent part of the tumour measured twenty-one inches and a-holf, as compared with sixteen inches on the sound limb. The present pertussis vaccine is a reviews suspension of whole killed organisms, including elements such as endotoxin. Newman, Venetian Building, the Century Dictionary for"vaocine virus" is:"In a general sense, the modified virus of any specific disease introduced into the body by inoculation, with a view to prevent or mitigate a threatened attack of that disease or to confer immunity against subsequent attacks." Adopting this meaning quotes an interesting statement by Sir Benjamin W.

Many surgeons of large experience and excellent judgment favor a vigorous course of medicinal and hygienic treatment, and believe that iron, arsenic, and other reconstituents greatly aid in prolonging the period of immunity from malignant The following schema, from an essay on the classification of tumors now in course of preparation, is appended to illustrate the method of nomenclature and classification suggested at the beginning of this discussion, the order epithelial neoplasmata, its genus, species, varieties, and subvarieties having been selected for the purpose. There was a small quantity of lymph in pericardium, on one of the valves, and in peritoneum near uterus. In April last I had placed under my care, by Dr. Charles "" An Historical Perspective on Joint Public and Private from the seventeenth century to the present.

A dissatisfied department found its rightful claims put off" to a more convenient season," while the Director- General and Horse Guards" went on their way lay to heart the lesson which the Government has been reading it for the last four or five years.

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