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But if necrosis is going on in the vertebrae, a re-collection of pus must be looked for which must be treated on the same lines (opinioni). It was subsequently found, however, that the man worked in a"waste" cotton mill in Eochdale, and that this mill had a contract for the supply of waste cotton from the New Ladyhouse Mill at Milnrow. It is obviously a process to which no one cerebral center can be assigned. They respond to chemotactic influfluences, are also phagocytic, and have functions probably related to more sensitive to X-rays and to the emanation of radium than other normal cells.

This was said to be true of women much more frequently than of men; for they were f reCiuently syphilitic without ever having had any knowledge of suffering from a primary or even a secondary lesion. These are not usually of the extreme catatonic nature of those often observed in patients during the postencephalitic state. One who sees many tuberculin test charts certainly sees enough of poorly recorded tests. In fact the number of anaerobes probably equals the number of aerobes.

But there is really a serious aspect to this matter which deserves more than ordinary attention, and that is the liability of syphilitic contamination through the Uicdium of the weed. At the same time there is upon pressure over the whole abdomen more or less tenderness, which soon comes to be especially localized at the ca)cum or sigmoid flexure. T with oases of enlargement of the uterus which pregnant, and never have had any derangement of or departure from healthy mcn.-tniation. This plan of treatment will usually afford relief. This is particularly true of experimentation on silver foxes that cost from then it is difficult tQ secure material because the owners fear that the fur may become injured by the handling and close contincmont when the animals are under observation.

Mechanical, toxemic, microbic, and toxic agents, have each and all been invoked as explanatory causes.

It has been given various names (adrenalin, suprarenin, adrenin, etc.), but the tendency is definitely towards the use of epinephrine. The more rapid breathing also facilitates cooling by increasing the conduction of heat from the mucous membranes of the tongue, mouth, throat, etc.

It is stated that the vertebrae most frequently injured are the fifth and sixth cervical, the last dorsal, and the first lumbar; but in the cervical spine pure dislocation is more common than pure fracture, while the reverse is tlie case in the dorsal and lumbar review regions.

A diagnosis of hemorrhagic septicemia was made.

The observation may be made with daylight, the patient having his back to a bright window, or with artificial light in the usual ophthalmoscopic If the corneal images occupy symmetrical positions, no squint is present. It fluctuated a little in quantity, never rising above seventeen pints, or falling below twelve The boy, on admission, was treated by valerian; and, in order that large quantities might be taken, an alcoholic extract was prcpareil. The belief has long been prevalent in the past that the liver is also in fault.

It was passed by a child in Paris, and the worm was upward of nine feet in length. The shodc team is available for this and also for transfusions on such cases in the special ward for heads, chests and abdomens as the surgical chief The special ward for heads, chests and abdomens will contain both operated and unoperated cases and must be placed in the hands of one head cases should be operated as soon as possible. The astragulus was p tially thrown from its bed. To describe cases of this nature under the name of gastromalacia, however, is misleading, and can cause only confusion, for the longKsontinued discussion as to whether gastromalacia is a vital or a cadaveric process applied certainly to a different conception of the term. It would send ahiiolutely no more electricity through a solid tumor than a small any more electrolytic action than would have been obtained from a small cell.

The less stable a-salt is much more soluble in blood the blood in gout, the deposition of urates in the tissues, which is the most characteristic symptom of this disease, being caused by conversion The most recent work of S. It would be well to try both in difficult cases, before being absolute about will be held in the Assembly Rooms, Taylor Hall, at ARMY NEWS.

Among the memoranda of Bishop Percy, made from Goldsmith's own dictation on" After taking the degree of A.B.

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