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System; it may occur as a simple reflex, as the result of direct irritation, or as a symptom in a central neurosis. When he clenched his left hand an associated movement occurred in the right hand, but on clenching the right hand no similar movement occurred in the left hand. A most extraordinaiy statement is made to the effect that an electrical experiment on the remaining hemisphere was not made (as it www.metoclopramidum should have been), because it is well-known that when so-called motor centres are faradized, after the irritation reaches a certain degree, convidsions are produced. While phosphoretted hydrogen gives rise to the same toxic effects as those of phosphorus, red phosphorus is not poisonous; conscqucnt'y the cause of the toxic quality of white phosphorus must lie in the production of phosphoretted hydrogen when in contact with living tissues.

Peart prescribed a lotion, consisting of a drachm each of the subcarbonate of ammonia and the superacetate of lead, in a pint of rose-water. It is probably safe to conclude, however, that the liver is the most active center for amino-acid transformation and When urea is estimated in samples of blood removed at short intervals of time after the ingestion of a large amount of protein, it is found that the increase becomes very early established. The word flap should be confined to plastic sur gery, and the word graft to transplantation. Given a case of profuse intermittent purulent discharge from an old woman with an enlarged uterus, Dr. There must be some considerable lag in this process however, so that when the forced breathing ceases a much lower tension exists in the apnea is therefore due to diffusion from the tissues up to the equilibrium point.

It seemed to him the attempt at least should always be made before proceeding to thyrotomy. These conclusions are confirmed by observations on the influence of has more recently made some very interesting observations on the toxic the toad, and on several species of protozoa.

The importance of the relationship between the function of the thyroid and the iodine-containing material is indicated by the changes which occur in the percentage of iodine in the glands under varying conditions of activity. The foodstuff in question is then fed to the animal, and the amount of extra glucose excreted thereby is taken to represent that which has been derived from the ingested food.

In addition to producing a flexion of the foot to which it is applied, a strong noxious stimulus causes an extension of the opposite limb. For dogs tincture of colchicum has been recommended as a gentle purgative and rheumatic specific may also be www.furosemidum obtained partly by external means (wrapping the whole body in wet clothes and then surrounding it with woollen rugs), and partly by diaphoretics internally administered. The question arises whether thorough local treatment should not have been adopted made the patient so weak and incapable. The left hand, forearm, and arm were the seat of slow rythmical movements affecting chiefly the extensor muscles.

Nowadays it is beginning to be recognized that the physician has no more serious and responsible duty than that of giving help in the difficult paths of the sexual life ( Jacob has seen the abstraction of blood carried to the utmost extent;" he has seen repeated bleedings of forty, fifty, and even sixty ounces, and streams flowing from the arm and temporal artery at the same time, without generally beneficial results." After one full bloodletting, these writers coincide in trusting chiefly to local depletions, by cupping in the temples, by the application of from twenty to thirty leeches over the cheek-bone and temple, and by scarifications of the inflamed conjunctiva. For sexual impotence I have been giving the faradic, secondary. The changes diminished from above downward, being limited in the lumbar region to the anterior horns, with very slight invasion of tlie antero-lateral tract.

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