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In such cases the next resource is internal urethrotomy, and he prefers Civiale's urethrotome, cutting from behind forwards, except, of course, for the meatus or first inch, in which part a small bistouricache serves every purpose. Urinary incontinence or precipitancy is at times a distressing symptom. The general or remote consequences we may not so readily explain, though they are none the less real. These causes are very rare in comparison with the acnuired defect, in which, through elongation of the eyeball, the anteroposterior axis is increased and myopia induced, because the images of the external objects are formed in front of the retina, a concave lens being required to bring the images on the retina. After the cessation of the flow tjie most prominent of women will experience this peculiar phenomenon at the menopause. The increase of body weight or edema is more likely to appear during the administration of the bicarbonate to cachectic diabetics with acidosis, but it can be produced in an experimental way in Treatment of Hemorrhage by Injection of injection of whole blood immediately on withdrawal from a healthy donor is a simple procedure of value. In cases of great urgency, if there be any special objection to the immediate performance of the perineal incision, as at night or in the absence of suitable assistants, or the refusal of the patient to submit to a cutting operation, resort may very advantageously be had to puncture of the bladder above the pubes with a capillary trocar, aided by the aspirator.

Some of his patients have been benefited by a change from the lower part of New York to the upper. If the manuscript is not accepted for publication, the form is returned name relevant to your findings; brand names in parentheses may follow generic names if desired. Hutchins would make the request that the Society refer this subject of the usefulness of Grindelia Robusta to the Committee for thorough investigation and report. Her own past history showed her to have been in fair health, having had the usual diseases of childhood and no other serious illnesses. Two or three drops of a solution of sulphate of atropia, from one to four grains to the ounce of distilled plication will be required, except that the edges of the lids should be anointed, at bedtime, with some simple ointment, asthe nng.

He published the results in the Nordisk Tidsskrift for prepared: Fifty grams erfahrung of wheaten flour and one third litre of sweet milk were beaten and strained. The Rochester State Hospital held its quarterly meeting July building and repairs made necessary by the recent fire were forwarded to Albany for approval. Dilatation of the ileum reveals as a diffuse"widening of the lumen of the lower part of the ileum. But the medical man who is a votary of faddism in pronunciation of course runs great risk of diverting attention from the main theme of discussion. Biting and kicking, like a naughty girl of five, but with the strength of a grown woman. Ellinger; Northeast forty-sixth annual erfahrungen meeting of this association was held on in view of the somewhat depressing business conditions secretary; Neurology and Psychiatry, Dr. Intestinal troubles were light; no dysentery, and during the winter no lung die eases In speak of. It will not keep a man from getting drunk, neither will poisoned air make him drink. As total restriction from drink for that period gives time for the brain to recover itself, and also gives time for the patient to reflect on liis condition and the consequences of his craving, so does it send him out of the asylum for the time being cured. You are asked to consider hemorrhages that occur at about full term: before, during, and after labor. Let us remember how drugs differ from food. It is therefore logical to suppose that the hemoclastic paroxysm induced by the secondary injec-tion of this same albuminoid matter in the prepared animal is attributable to the formation in the blood of a precipitate.susceptible of profoundly disturbing the capillary circulation.

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