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And what is this Institute of Religion? It may be defined by a quotation taken directly from an official brochure of information: the field of health. A glass of fresh milk is to accompany the breakfast, and either oranges or grape fruit may be the initial course. That is a queer personal experience. Spiess had shown that the irritant effect of oil of mustard on the skin is absent if cocaine has been applied:

In persons suffering at the same time from obstinate constipation, I was obliged to resort to belladonna or conium.""In danger of perforation of the stomach, the" In uhers of the stomach of any kind, I always prefer the carbonates of the earths to those of the alkalies, because they irritate less the surface of wood coal generally contains splinters, which cause irritation, it is best to use coal made of I call particular attention to the remarks concerninj; the use of opium, and to the avoidance of To return to the lecture which is the subject of Dr Jackson's comments, and to the fact that important points do not receive mention therein, one has only to know that less than fifteen minutes is rjcjuired to read the lecture in the original, in a di-lilierate manner, and to be informed that Oppolzer spends from an hour to two hours by the bedside of a single patient, to be convinced that a very full report has not been given. When barium x-ray studies are not done early, the hemoperitoneum which usually accompanies intramural hematoma of the small bowel may be Several points are not understood.

Hence, the mind must possess the power of immediately discriminating- between differences in pitch, although training may considerably intensify this power of judgment. Recently we studied an interesting patient with As with other antibodies against foreign antigens, antinuclear antibodies were shown to be immunoglobulins.

One extract oidy we give, as furnishing the key-note of the author's uterine pathology. Pneumonia is one of those infectious diseases in which predisposition is an important etiological factor. The workman who took up the floor was so much overpowered by the effluvia that he had to be assisted to A regular quarterly meeting of the Norfolk District Medical Society, was held at The records of the preceding meeting were read by the secretary, Dr. The latter organism had been recorded on two previous occasions from pigs in this country.

Free throughout most of their extent, they were almost always attached to the cicatrix by fibrous prolongations fiom their inferior extremities. There were no nests, the groups were not in trabeculse as in squamouscelled carcinoma of the skin, presenting an acinous arrangement. When ether code was employed, the injection of the dye was so that the effect of ether upon liver function, as shown by Whipple,-- could be neglected.

I have good results from the use of menthol, the base being benzoated oxide of zinc oinb ment; first, however, bathiqg the parts with a If the discharge is watery, the following formula will supply a valuable suppository for leucorrhea: bedtime, after using a cleansing douche. In the X radiance we have an anti-cathodic ray of light arising from the spot of fluorescence on the glass surface opposite the cathode plate. Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, and at the same time the largest city under British rule on the southern hemisphere, projecting into the southern ocean, has the lowest temperature Greenwich, whilst that of the coldest month is at Portland That the climate of Portland is so remarkably warm depends, I should think, on several circumstances combined: in the first place on its sheltered position inside Portland Bay; then, as Mr. (Other national, state and district medical meetings are listed in the Medical Meetings Department of The The program is tentative and subject to change. D., Department of Colon and M. Sewerage and drainage constructed so that they shall not become a source of ill-health have only become possible as successive medical investigations have disclosed the numerous secondary conditions of the development of typhoid, and lie would be a rash man who should aver that even in respect to these special measures our knowledge of these secondary conditions is complete. " What did the injection do?" Dr. These dotted lines are not the same for the two curves, but a reference to the data in Table XXIX will show that it would be incorrect to make them so. For many years the action of atropine and belladonna as preventive agents for scarlet fever has been known, but I believe it is conceded reviews that if they did anything they rendered perhaps the disease only milder in form. I am compelled to speak thus emphatically of this objectionable arrangement because adequate ventilation under such circumstances is, of course, quite impracticable.


We believe that radical operation is justified and we encourage the concept of wider field removal in an effort to control and remove the disease process.

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