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Man nor a certified midwife has been present, the Poor Law medical officer of tlie district should make inquiry into the case, and, if he see fit, acquaint the coroner, who may then hold an inquest as to the name than that of its mother, when known, or the registering of an illegitimate child as a legitimate one, should be punishable offences. I had no light, but light came from her. He referred also to instances in his experience of conditions of apparent rude health, yet associated with chronic amoebic lesions of the bowel. Gargles are made with Sage, rosemary, hoiieysuckles, and plantain, boiled in wine or water, with some honey or alum added, to wash sore mouths and throats.


Ether and chloroform excel in this respect. Where perforation is threatened the cornea ought not to be allowed to If the ulcer is so deep that there is no. No space is given to other considerations (etiology, pathology, major operative technique), except as necessary to bring the worlt to its highest usefulness as a practical guide in the lines indicated. If the circumcision were performed each week, it might have the desired effect, but that would be a little troublesome. Syrup made of the juice of camomile, with the flowers in white wine, is a remedy agaiust-the jaundice and dropsy: the flowers boiled in lee," are good to wash the head and comfort both it and the brain: the oil made of the flowers of camomile is much used against all hard swellings, pains or aches, shrinking of the sinews, cramps or pams m the joints, or any other part of the body. Forceps," the fear being that the lense may be damaged or loss of vitreous may be experienced: Subjective sensations in the lower extremities were noted before any other symptoms in three cases, one of whom described his right leg as cold and dead, and another his left leg as always hot when the rest of the body and the other leg were cold.

It may be necessary to wear the jacket for a year before a cure is obtained.

With intervals of intermission the disease continued above two years. On placing the patient on his right side, and percussing, to assure himself of the dulness at the point at which he wished to puncture, M.

We see certain individuals from time to time, who seem to be afflicted with a mechanism in the urinary tract which favors recurrence of calculus in spite of all therapeutic effort. Wlion the bishop re sided at Maguelonne the license was given" in aula Episcopali" in the hall of the palace which the bishop of Maguelonne had in the old part of Montpellier, of which he was lord, near the place where the college of Jesuits is built, but now the presentation is made in a hall of the Episcopal palace. And cochineal; one of salt and borax; two of salt, borax and nitrate of potassium; two of salt, borax and nitrate of sodium; one of salt, borax, sulphates of sodium and calcium and salicylic acid; one of borax alone; five of calcium sulphite; one of molasses sugar; and two gives his results of further analyses of meat preservatives, seven in number; one consisted of salt, sulphate and sulphite of sodium, chloride of iron and vanillin; one was wholly acid sulphite of sodium; another was a mixture of sulphite and sulphate of sodium; a fourth consisted of salt, borax and nitrate of potassium. Instances have been reported in which some of the symptoms appeared reported as commencing in childhood, considers that the diagnosis was often unwarranted.

This is the motto to the book.

The existence of such a functional mitral stenosis in aortic actual demonstration of its production.

The old teacher had never acquired a formal education, but he had an inherent didactic gift, and he was absolutely thorough in imparting instruction. Still more common is the concurrence of some true neoplasm with the syringomyelia. Why should not an epileptic youth contract syphilis? Why should he not develop paresis? Why should not a syphilitic infant become an epileptic of the ordinary sort when we consider his usual random give the Wassermann reaction, why does not this small coincidence of the two diseases show that the subject is not one of prime Convulsions of various kinds occur in users of spirits, but in ordinary alcoholism epileptic attacks are not very frequent. In several cases spirochietEe wert found in sores which did not at all suggest chancres, but proved subsequently to be syphilitic.


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