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If the pelvis of the kidney is distended by a retention, some urine will escape when the organ is incised. Estimating these putrefactive products by the ethereal sulphates which appear in the urine, Herter has studied their relation to epileptic attacks, and believes to have found some degree of correlation between the formation of such substances and the convulsive seizures, and at any rate an abnormal degree of intestinal putrefaction in epileptic neurotics.

Cirencester Royal Infirmary, and Lecturer on Anatomy in the Medical School, Clifton Ware, John, Esq. The Roentgen rays may be utilized to detect calcareous deposits in the course of suspected vessels. After briefly reviewing the anatomy and physiology of the various organs engaged in alimentation and assimilation, he passed on to consider the proper food of man, taking his teeth as a guide. Fatter kinds, and of sweetmeats, including sugar. They should voluntarily acquire the knowledge which will be compulsory matter of attainment for those who come immediately after them. As if to defy our prognosis, the man, after lying in this apparently hopeless condition for about a week, gradually began to recover. In this form, forcible extension under chloroform is especially applicable, any contracted tendons having been divided three or four days previously, where this may appear necessary; by it the deformity may be completely overcome and free motion of the joint restored in a large proportion of cases, if the treatment be commenced within six months or a year of the rheumatic indammation. In its substance were three infarctions, one occupying nearly one-third of the volume of the organs, the others being much smaller; they were all of a dull pale yellow, rather firm and homogenous, showing an irregular but distinct The stomach, pancreas and intestines were normal. A dazzling, a sudden temporary jobs dimness of vision.

For the relief of painful swallowing: tion. This time he said that he felt all right and wished to He appeared to be a man of intelligence; was well developed and nourished; his speech was thick. Fortunately, the attitude of the authorities and of the public toward the post-mortem is highly enlightened. It is established, however, that the salts of the bile assist in the digestion and absorption of fat; that the bile helps to remove bacteria from the intestines through the slightly laxative effect which it has; and that in the bile are dissolved various toxic substances which are taken out of If the liver of an animal is removed, the subject will remain normal from three to five hours. Medical student who acts as di'esser and assistant in a hospital, but does not reside or destruction of a part or tumor by a surgical operation. The process is essentially a volumetric analysis, and consists iu taking a measured volume of lime-water colored with pheuolphthalin which is neutralized by a certain amount of carbonic acid, aud shaking the solution successively with small, determined volumes of air until this amount of carbonic acid is obtained, as shown by the decolorization of the solution. Removing any thing or part from the human brain; sensation of superiority; delirium of exaltation, as in alcoholism or incipient Exanthem'atous. I have not personally sufficient experience to express any very strong opinion in regard to the value of the surgical operation.

In the heart of the great city of Berlin, spacious grounds have been procured for the Charite and the medical laboratories. When produced intentionally, it is termed "" induced.

Is the increased time always to be procured by lengthening the cui-riculum? Certainly not, unless the most effective and economical use has already been made of the years just preceding medical study. Of course, where the local doctors are not already overworked, where they are well informed, and are, in addition, altruistic even beyond the average for their profession, some of these necessary things may get done; but the point is that it is nobody's responsibility to do them.

Having these two tests at our command, no case should remain long in doubt.

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