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The neurotic muscular atrophy of Charcot, Marie, and Tooth may closely resemble chronic poliomyelitis, but where sensory disturbances are present the distinction is clear. Sew Long, aged thirty, was admitted to the General Hospital, Kuala, Lumpur. Reference has been made to correspondence already had with registration officials.

Syphilitic thrombosis has some claim to be called inflammatory, and the clinical analysis of the conditions influencing the production of an acute paraplegia must be uncommonly close in many instances if the observer is to give a truly scientific diagnosis. If aroused, he fjtares around, ancl"then slumbers again. Our analysis allows discharge decisions to be based on clinical data rather than on economically These data also may be used to develop practice guidelines and clinical pathways and to determine the usual progress of patients after a knee replacement operation. Long journeys, and lying out on cold, wet nights, exposure to sudden changes of weather, taking cold after calving. Some attempts have been made to show the association of this form of na'vus with previous neurotic inlluence, injury, sliock, etc.

He found among neighborhood of the internal capsule.

This probably does occur in many cases simultaneously or after an interval.

There Results: I found hardened"cakes all through the gland and two abscesses, and patient pale, weak, emaciated and suffering agonies. The toast-master was assailed on all sides for remarks made by him in introduction, or possibly because he was a member of the legislature, but he came up smiling after each round, and was game to the finish; in fact, he was so game a vote of thanks was unanimously given him.

There is often a considerable differencein size between the tumor cells and the cells of the analogous physiological tissue.

He drew an analogy between these negligent virgins and the Confederate government, applying it in some way, that I never did understand, altho' he told it to me every evening for a week. She was treated with inhalations of Tr. The higher mental faculties, such as abstraction, introspection, judgment, comparison, reasoning, etc., are subserved mainly by the brain anterior to the motor areas, particularly in conjunction with association areas in other parts of the brain. The volume is large, and nothing has been omitted that is necessary to make it a complete Some of the improvements over former editions are, a clear and comprehensive description of the use of the endoscope and cystoscope, the control of hemorrhage by compression and electric, heat, virtually doing away with the ligature, vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy have been brought thoroughly up to date, and many original and valuable procedures invented by the author thrown into almost every subject. For some years, in Boston, an effort has been made to correlate these points of view.

They do not know that the student may be the subject of tubercular diathesis, of heart disease, or brain affection; and that out of every dozen students one at least will be under some such disqualifying hereditary influence. Pilocarpine injections have been extensively of the symptoms of this extraordinary affection and its relation to the Collex, a canton of Geneva,- and in certain surrounding hamlets.

The anus was surrounded by stiff inflamed tissues, and they reached up several inches in the rectum. : To be used on the hands every night before retiring, and before going out in the cold air in the morning. As a result we find that the bladder never empties itself entirely, so that there always remains a small quantity of so-called residual urine, which, quickly undergoing decomposition and containing much sediment and debris, lights up a troublesome cystitis.

The congenital tendency was well shown in a family observed by Bunting, in which three male members were affected at the same age (five years). Been subjected, the phenomena of active life recommenced.

Long before this happens it is the duty of the surgeon to interfere and to remove all septic material, or, if sent for in time, before the formation of pus, to promote the absorption of the fluid by appropriate treatment; the removal of pressure, the restoration of the natural position of the joint, and the application of sedative and The treatment of corns we have already referred to. Before advising dilatation, the character of the pain should be carefully considered, for when the pain is purely of a uterine colicky nature, dilatation will more often succeed than when it is of a continuous, dull, aching type, or if ovarian pain has become added to the uterine pain, as is often the case when the dysmenorrhoea has lasted for some time. Depressions, subungual hyperkeratosis with increased convexity of plate and onychauxis, yellow discoloration, vertical ridges, and depressions and hyperesthesia.

It should stand awhile before using. These substances he, therefore, called" opsonins,"' and devised a method by means of which it is possible to estimate, in figures, the content of these protective substances in any given sample of blood, and consequently any deficiency or increase in their amount during the course of an invasion by infective organisms. But in those cases in which operation is refused, or, when for one reason or other it is undesirable, much good is often obtained from the administration of olive oil.

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