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Radiography showed the nail lodged in one of the bronchi.

After severe or prolonged cases of bronchitis in children it is usual to find the lungs emphysematous, the percussion note highly resonant, whistling or cooing dry rales present in various parts of the lungs, the expiration much prolonged, showing a loss of the usual elasticity of the lung.

Medicare remains a hold-out, but it will likely come around. Cold and fatigue may excite paroxj-sms producing cold, as many of these patients suffer from a feeling of cold Although malaria and sypliilis may perhaps be included as possible sources for the production of the haemolysin, haemoglobinuria may undoubtedly occur in patients who have not suffered from either of Haemoglobinuria has been known to foUow a traumatic effusion of blood, and it is possible that in such instances the effusion has led to the formation of an intermediary or anti-body which acts on the effused blood, and also on the red blood corpuscles of the circulating blood, but in most cases of paroxvsmal haemoglobinuria no history urine is considerably diminished, but this may be dependent on the simultaneous excretion of large quantities of haemoglobin and albumin leading to diminished nitrogenous metaboUsm; and lastly the normal urinary pigments are much reduced in amount during the paroxysm, and may, according to Eason, be entirely absent. Porter has so A special ward cfHiceming Dr.

Jaundice when gallstones are suspected, clinches by no means eliminates the possibility of their presence. Platinum chlorid produces a precipitate in both alcoholic and aqueous solutions of the (t crude, soluble toxin" and the filtrate, after removal of the platinum, has but little or no poisonous action; but the platinum precipitate, which contains the whole, or the greater part, of the poison refuses to dissolve in any of the agents which we have tried and, consequently, we have been able to reach no satisfactory method of purifying the poison: The sUghtest movement of the patient, or even of the bed on which he is lying, may bring on the pain, which is paroxysmal. Fortunately, they are the exception rather than the rule and as the situation stands at the present time, there can be no doubt that the majority of the medical profession hold the opinion that the amount of bovine tuberculosis conveyed by milk does Hiere are many obrious drawbaclu to puteurization, and it is not, as a few of its most enthusiastic advocates would have us believe, an ideal method. This is too narrow, too mechanical.

It is now known that the deaths due to it have led a few French syphilographers to abandon its use and forbid it in the clinics or hospitals under their control- Ehrlich is quoted as saying that of the million persons to whom reported as dying from it, though he does not believe there are so many fatalities.

One will acts upon another will.

Mercury I prefer to administer by inunction of two grams of the blue ointment in the arm pits and the groin and popliteal space. Commenting on the proposition Dr. On the other hand, in my experience, spontaneous absorption by the lymphatic stream, when effective, leads to permanent results. Hartley with forceps then seized the lower portion of the bowel and, everting it, caused it to protrude through the anus. From"Redfield's Law and Practice of Surrogates' Courts" I find that a testator has testamentary capacity ( i) when he mentally comprehends the nature of his act; when he is unrestrained in the exercise of his It is to be remembered, however,"that the clearness of comprehension and ability of expression which is required to understand the nature of and enter into a contract need not exist.

Forced Flexion and Adduction in Sensitive of extreme sensitiveness of the hip-joint with persistent night-cries, E. For Resident Paying Telegrrapblc Address:" Nightingale." and only on Students of the University.

She is an inveterate reader and has been reading many books during this last month without any discomfort. Of this all writers are agreed, yet there are some who attribute the malady to syphihs; the fact, however, that it does not improve under anti-syphilitic treatment would seem disease being progressive and its duration disease, he finally becomes bedfast, and dies of malnutrition, or in a state of coma, superinduced by repeated attacks of pachymeningitis interna hemorrhagica. If there is any doubt, an aspirating-needle should be passed along the finger as a guide and pushed onward into the suspected lobe. Rehabilitation and Restorative Medical Services: Council on Governmental Relations: John H ( If the bacteriology report later indicates that the infection is due to an organism other than a penicillin G-resistant staphylococcus sensitive to cloxacillin sodium, the physician Is advised to continue therapy with a drug other than cloxacillin sodium or any other penicillinase-resistant semisynthetic penicillin.

When later signs confirm the existence of gallstones, any measures other than surgical are unreasonable and ineffectual.

The only way to gain some adequate insight into the amount of damage done by bovine bacilli would be to take a series of consecutive cases both in sanatoria for adults, and in children's and infants' hospitals, and study the bacilli of every case for a given period. Porter's direction the health department of the Empire State has attained a degree of efficiency that has been equalled by few other states in the Union and surpassed by none.

The inoculation weeks, at intervals of about six or seven days before the animal is sufficiently immune to make its serum have decided therapeutic value.

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