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--For uncomplicated myocardial insufficiency the first principle was absolute rest.

Not a little of the value of this edition of the work is due to the translator who has given every shade of the author's meaning its right interpretation and clothed it in a style that is clear and of" Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry." pages, devoted to experiments in physiological chemistry and to the ordinary clinical examinations of the urine, blood, gastric contents, feces and milk. He prefers to use horsehair as a suture material, as it is elastic and prevents bad results which may result from swelling. - praeter haec, sole quoque, et exercitatione movetur.

So that, under any considerations, there does not seem to be any necessity that the hospital should be so large that all the insaiu' in the city Looking at the (jiu'stion, then, from these; practical points of view, I do not believe that the tax))ayers of Boston should be asked to pay for the consti'uction of its own hospital, without some ecpiitable adjustment between the city and the State of the financial cost. V.) Du taenia, ou ver solitaire, et de sa cure radicale par I'dcorce de racino de review and De Lens (A. It is here that some of the advocates of laboratory methods have committed what characterize all reform movements, the error, namely, of assuming that, because one proposition is true, another proposition, not logically inconsistent with it, must be untrue. The tuberculin test was negative. It was not adherent, but the peritoneum was edematous and soft in appearance as if covered with villosities. These survived only twenty-four hours pig was placed in the box and a slow current of air drawn through the glass cylinder into the box by means of the vacuum apparatus. Sixth day, patient failing, temperature high, marked edema, leg covered with blebs and cyanotic. Only in reference to the medical The colleges are all closed,- fhe,,prpfessors no longer with tireless pinions soar in the high and, pure empyrean.; or, at least, no longer try to, soar. The proposal is to rent or purchase one of the large houses which on account of the exodus of the population to the suburbs can often be obtained at a moderate price, The chief limitation on the choice of a site is the desire of the committee to keep the hospital in the district of Toxteth Park, where no other institution of the kind exists with which it could enter into competition. Diss, Colloquia de morbis, practica et theore tica, quaestiouibus et responsis; ad usum Medical topography of New Orleans: with an account of the principal diseases that Robertson (Charles A.) General nervous commotion, caused by a wounded eye; a reprint from the Transactions, of a case reported" Lo the cranes of Ibycus!" A review of the report concerning the last illness of Dr.

This is providing the tubes and the whole of the ovaries be removed. Des regies du traitemeut de Plicque (Alfred Edward). People could not be turned out of houses by the thousand without having some other place to go to.


According to the statistics quoted the proportion who have chosen this mode of death during the some reason preferred the bullet to the bowl. In the great majority of partial cord lesions, where a combination of marked motor disturbance with decidedly less sensory is the rule, the where, on account of a temporarily more pronounced cessation of conductivity, they are abolished, this abolition is only transitory and gives place to excessive activity. Toner desires to place it where it will be securely preserved and be at the same time accessible to students A female physician of Indiana has been sued for malpractice by a man whom she treated for a fracture of the within two months, the translation of Dr.

The term cellulitis is usually employed by English writers to indicate the seat and nature of the process, and although the use of the term cellular tissue is rapidly becoming obsolete, the convenience of cellulitis favors the retention of the latter name.

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