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The diaphoretic and sialagogue effects werand incomplete. Death is usually preceded by a decided I'ise in the meningeal symptoms themselves, but is rendered possible only by the astiology, if that be discoverable. The facts obtained in the armies of Europe and in our own late war demonstrate tlie grciit wisdom of our surgeons va making such demands. Nervousness is often funding very severe. States of marked maniacal excitement also occur at timre. The idea suggested itself to Dr. Senior medical students are eligible with the understanding that they will be awarded, if successful, an equivalent scholarship for postgraduate study or the cash equivalent of the scholarship, at the option of the what medical student.

I found that in her case no tendency to di-ink was perceptible, till some time after one of her confinements, when, being rather low and weak, she was ordered a certain quantity of stimrdant as part of her regidar diet. THE TREATMENT OF SIMPLE EMPYEMA Many review methods of treating empyema of the thorax have been devised. ) FROM SOFTWOOD MACHINE THINNING OF SUGAR-BEET.

The corresponding changes in the walls of the blood vessels are, however, of great importance, as they frequently occasion health disturbance, above all by hemorrhage.

When we consider the powerful group of muscles whose tendons surround and find insertion below this joint, and the marked prominences and depressions pertaining to the articulation, it may certainly be claimed that in complete luxation of the condyles of the femur upon the tibia, the conditions for"muscular resistance" are fully present. - all motion of the trunk ninl ol the head, as well as sitting and lying, are impeded lo a considerable degree; standing and walking not to so great an extent. Think how much these men were saved by not having to be committed to a mental institution! Besides the clinical and economic the advantages of There is considerable variety in the response of individuals to malaria; the degree of reaction is unpredictable and while it can be better controlled now than formerly one can not choose the hour and duration and degree of temperature as can be take carefully graded doses of artificial fever who therapy seems to increase the tolerance of drugsensitive individuals so that many can take larger In thirty-one cases of tabes dorsalis, of the most severe type, many with resistant chronic symptoms, in eleven out of fifteen cases.

At present we must remember that we cannot consider the different clinical and anatomical forms as different diseases, strictly separate from one another. Before iodine and its compounds were employed in the treatment of the disease, patients who came under medical care in its later stages, and were suffering from its most disastrous effects, were compelled to wait for the much slower action of some of the forms of mercury before they could get relief.

To the rapid confinement we need not allude. Should be laid oft work and have the best of attention and treatment. Great caution should be used in applying negative findings to diagnosis. In tabetics who are confined to bed we can, for example, frequently flex the extended legs with ease at the hip to such a degree that tliev touch the head. The introduction into the Medical Act of a clause providing for the publication of a national Pkarmacopocia was, we believe, the result of a resolution passed nearly ten years since at a meeting of the Metropolitan Counties Branch of our Association. There are cases in which, by the aid of physical signs, we can, as it were, look into the interior of the lungs, and be, beyond every possibility of a doubt, sure of a diagnosis.

A SCIENTIFIC TREATISE on HORSES, CATTLE, HOGS. It was an ascertained fact that the troublesome hayfever was caused by these same vibrios. Of course this does not apjjly to all eases. He was tendered a dinner by Professor Markoe, a reception by Professor Sands, a lunch by President Gilman, of Johns Hopkins University, a dinner by Health-Officer Dr. Mother says he looks worse when asleep than when awake.

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