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There has been considerable discussion of late years concerning the causes of the entrance of oxygen into the blood in the lungs. If, however, the child be alive, and the examination under anaesthesia shows disproportion between the head and the pelvic brim, then in a primipara suprasymphysary Caesarean section should be performed, the bladder being distended beforehand, and in a multipara hebosteotomy ( Bumm's or Doderlein's method) should be preferred, and a numerous cases of syphilitic disease, and a paper on the above subject gives the results obtained bv them.

He then excised portitms of several libs, passed a needle into the lung in several directions till he struck a collection of pnSjWhicn he then incised.

Each organ of the abdomen, male and female, is there described in its surgical relations with comprehensive detail, thus affording the student or practitioner a constant guide and an infallible companion in cases where practical experiments are out of reach. Anabscess, which recurred every ten or twelve days, formed on the right cheek, and usually opened under the right eye and into the nostrils.

It states that the pa- a diagnosis, to that extent, indeed, that no tients, as a rule, are well cared for, that the inquiry into the real nature of these sympfood served is of good quality and well toms has been undertaken. Another subdivision of this class of cases is one which occasions temporary strabismus, and that divergent, namely, insufficiency of the internal recti. - it is certainly a very convenient, handy book on its special subject, but it can hardly fill the place of larger works that go more deeply and fully into the matters.

New accommodations have been provided in the general hospital, and the Maternity Department now offers better facilities than ever before. He questioned the etiological value of the presence of spores and myeelinm of the fungus, adding that attempts at inoculation had failed. He has no evidences whatever of peripheral neuritis, which would be an interesting complication, since arsenic taken for long periods of time frequently produces this lesion. Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Two years later, a recurrence set in, five years later a second, and then followed a period of twenty years during which he was entirely unmolested. Certain Landmarks in the Prognosis of Modern fracture of the neik i.f the lemiir in the aged. Professor Macfadyean said that he would endeavor to controvert several of the views just expressed by Mr. The ultra-Protestant party take their stand on the broad isaue that all tests have been abolished in Trinity College, and' that all its hononi-s and emolnments are open to Protestant and Catholic alike, that no tests have ever existed in the Queen's Colleges, whose advantages are open to everyone without regard to sect, and that if the Irish Catholics ot ignoring the very essence of the Catholic case. To sustain this theory, the defendant "" court, however (Judge Wallace), of its own motion, refused to allow the Doctor to be examined. Lustig and Carle found a particular bacillus, which they name the" bacillns liquefaciens." in all the goitrigenous waters of the Vale of Aosta examined by them,' but they did not prove that the elimination of the microbes deprived the waters of their goitrigenous properties. The titles of the articles are primed in bolder type, but otherwise the general style of the the Latin title; but when drugs or preparations substantially the same are official under made by him in South America and in the London trade centres. In very severe bacteriemiae, in purulent peritonitis, parametritis exsudativa, and in virulent localized suppurations, collargol in acute cystitts and in pyelitis, as well as the proved innocuousness of the product. It is reported that the British government will also send out a force of scientists to HEALTir Officer Doiy, New York City, has officially declared that in view of the appearance of the bubonic plague in I'ortugal and Italy, the New York Quarantine is fully prepared to prevent its introduction iiito this country, should any cases arrive on any incoming vessels.

The lifehistory of these worms from the time they are taken into tne sheep's mouth to that when they are found as full-grown sexual worms in the bronchi, does not appear to be well known.

In pathology system followed system, but these have all perished and been replaced by cellular pathology, which is the accepted theory of to-day.

What is the normal lifetime? Many estimates have been made, based on all sorts of reasoning, the figures extending from seventy-five to two hundred years.

The referents said: All that is necessary during an actual attack of convulsions in most cases is to loosen the clothing about the neck, chest, and abdomen, and lay the child on its back with the head slightly raised until it recovers from the fit and the subsequent drowsiness. Tlie lung lesion was lobular, and there was free hiemoptysis, the eirpeotdrated and generally fatal. The fact that by research we can now with glycerine, etc, separate the essential from the non-essential organisms does not do away with the fact that hitherto children haye been compulsorily Inoculated with we know not what This, perhaps, ought to make us patient, and even" sufTer fools gladly," until we are sure of our methods writes: The following remarkable susceptibility to the Influence of felt alarmed, especially as everything was right when I saw her the some two years before, when she was last confined.

Give an enema of gruel, or soap and water, and the patient goes on well.

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