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Dalton carries his reader along without effort, aud at the same time impresses upon his mind the truths taught much more sucoes,-ifully than if they were buried beneath a multitude of Professor Dalton is regarded justly as the authority ia this country on physiological subjects, and the fifth edition of his valuable work fully j ustifies the Professor of Institutes of Medicine in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia (boric). In a paper entitled Conservatism in Urology Irvin acid S. This is the only case where I have ever seen the chancre so low down on the tongue, and I believe it is the only case on record of primary inoculation taking place so far down in this region.

She did so, and immediately dropped off to sleep.

And one of its notched ends is made to engage one side of the ligature.

There are some peculiar things, he says, in regard to the escape of patients. Matignon sachets of fine linen which are previously disinfected are filled with the powder and laid over the wound after washing and disinfection have been practised. There was no rise in temperature. Better results have been taken place in all cases, and a complete cure in some who sweet had failed to respond for several months It is well to notify the patient on whom scarlet red is used, that it is exxreled through the kidneys, to prevent his anxiety should his urine become red. Scientific program and Continuing Kducation sessions under the direction ol I)i. Hi Ottohei, Honolulu (iiietiit judge Noiito K.twiikami lelused trial date wiis set lot Dec.

This was also the case in two English prisons, causing within a day or two, an epidemic dysentery throughout the establishment, which immediately ceased on a supply unhealthful surroundings; for in these houses the number of deaths is just half as many as in the immediate neighborhood. In elaborating this fundamental principle another one came into view which is not so easy, perhaps, to understand and certainly not so easy to relate oneself to, and that I formulated as follows: that no operation of election upon an erogenous zone should ever be performed unless the patient is psychologically prepared. Typhoid fever, then, cannot be looked upon as an ordinary septicaemia, though, under certain conditions, the typhoid organisms may flourish in the blood; it then becomes The multiplication of the micro-organism, and the formation of its special products, are the real elements that determine the specific character of the disease; and just as specific fermentations and special colour formations occur, and special gases are formed, so specific diseases may be produced in which the tissues and fluids of the patient are, for the time being, converted into nutrient media, in which micro-organisms can grow and produce their special products, these specific products, by their action on the reacting cells and tissues, giving rise to the specific and then by the production of organic acids, phenols, etc., convert this medium into a fluid in which they are incapable of further development.

The children all loved him and he loved them almost as much as if they were of his own family.

The passage of a powerful current through the body is commonly fatal either at once or after an interval of a few hours or even days; or it may determine symptoms of a transient The symptoms exhibited by those who do not succumb at once are those of more or less severe shock, or of cerebral concussion. A "glycerin" tumor the size of the fist projected from the genitals; it sprang from the left side of the urethra.

The papers gaining the prizes are to constitute the program of one of the meetings of the Academy of Medicine and are subsequently to be published, first in the Cleveland Medical Journal. Many persons would be relieved of internal fevers, constipation, indigestion, and other similar ailments, if wheat-flour was discarded in whole, or at least in large part, and corn-bread with various corn-meal preparations were used instead, at every meal. The immediate causes of these maladies are the hot days and cool nights, in conjunction with the habits of the people. The membrane of the left sinus was thickened but when scraped out left the bone in good condition. His investigations into this phenomenon dated from the fact that he had observed in many dead bodies a relaxation of oil the tension of the eyeball. To what extent these results follow a fish diet is as yet a matter of conjecture.

One thing, however, is certain: the whole mass of blood is corrupted, is diseased, is destitute of those elements which are necessary to health; it is of a dark, grumous, ugly appearance, filling up every vein and artery, stagnating everywhere, clogging up the whole machinery of life, oppressing the brain, and arresting the flow of nervous energy in every part of the system. Procain (novocain) has, however, remained the drug of choice and its only drawback seems to be the short period of anesthesia, usually one to one and one-half hours. Such a result, however, does not by any means prove that more ferment is present in the liver in the specimens showing more rapid glycogenolysis, for such increased activity may just as well be because of a change in the environment in which the ferment is acting. ' When we introduced colonoscopy and polypectomy into our program, the well-established barium enema preparation was modified to make certain that the lower reaches of the colon (i e, recto-sigmoid and sigmoid) were most thoroughly clean, as hostility in this entrance portion of the examination is quite The preparation is extremely well received.

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