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His serurn for rinderpest is most successful in the immunization of animals against this disease, and is now being supplied gratuitously to all applicants by the Civil Government. Immunity to tuberculosis in animals. Hepatic fetor, tremor, confusion and drowsiness are signs of impending pre coma and coma in patients with cirrhosis. Pershing tabulated the differential diagnosis between headaches due to organic disease of the brain and membranes, disease of the blood-vessels, migraine, that accompanying various infectious fevers, that due to toxemia, those due to circulatory disturliances, and those due to reflex influences. Hence there is no great objection to the view that we employ only one-half of the brain for certain actions, and the other half for the other actions. The panel included, left tc right, Jack Bell, Kalamazoo Gazette, Edward M iller, Detroff, chairman of the MSMS Public review Relations Committee. Sometimes the hymen is polyp-like or tongue-like, and so called linguliformis. Pregnancy is less likely to occur, as the cervices are smaller than normal, and abortion or repeated miscarriage is the usual accompaniment of a septate uterus. The writer adds that he has been unable to discover characters by which the streptococci fotmd in the healthy udder can be differentiated from those associated with active inflammation of that gland. Careful supervision is advisable with maladjusted individuals. Silver considered that the best thanks of the Association were due to Dr.

The uterus was spherical in fonn and larger than it should have been and was not lobulated. The only question is when and how it should be There is no more painful clinical picture of hopeless disease and helpless therapeutics than these cases of ascites left unrelieved in their increasing exhaustion and distress.

The pupils were minutelv contracted, and would not react to light; the breathing was stertorous, with much frothy with albumin. President Motor Inn, on Wednesday and THE REFERENCE COMMITTEE on Reports of Officers, many opportunities offered for their instruction and training. The diagnosis was Grade IV mitral nsufficiency with secondary tricuspid insufficiency.

The affections in which electricity applied by means of an intragastric electrode has proved, in my experience, most beneficial comprise especially gastric pain from various causes, including one undoubted case recently of gastric ulcer, and all the grades of gastric atony or insufficiency of the motor apparatus of the stomach.

In England the Leicester School Doard had actually opened started centres of instruction in the following year, now centres scattered through the metropolis.

Tlievery dogs are going mad in the streets, under the influence of the great heat; and the Prefect of Police has very wisely cancelled his own order, which compelled dogs to he muzzled, as it is now admitted that this cruel appendage afforded one of the surest means of driving a dog A MEDICAL ASSOCIATION IN NEW ZEALAND. Varnier was only forty-three years old when he died. Babies and children have a greater chance to livi The Plainwell Sanitarium is a private psychiatric hospital licensed by the Michigan Department of Mental Health, and member of the American Hospital Association, Michigan Hospital Association, and National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals. Bruns recognizes the fact, as do almost all experienced surgeons, that the hopes of brilliant results from cerebral interference have not been realized as fully as we could wish, though it is not at all impossible if physicians and neurologists work precisely on the lines indicated in this book that a thorough and more fixed diagnosis will lead to happier results from surgical interference.

On April nth a special service, conducted by the Rev.

On delivering the partially inverted uterus was reduced by means of a heavy probe wrapped with absorbent cotton.

On the contrary, when it is localized and occupies the floor or inner wall of the tympanum, the mastoid operation is superfluous. This could not be effected without the assistance of the doctor; nor would it haVi value without his concurrence. However, by the probe, as far as its use offensive. Sharing the honors was Donald was held recently at Wayne to pay years of service in Wayne ( The patient w-as seen by another physician who diagnosed the case as appendicitis.

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