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The soup was prepared by breaking up the tablet in a cup and adding warm or cold water in small quantities until the mixture measured a quart.

The habitual drunkard distinguishes the depression which commonly succeeds to stimulation as"the blues;"" the horrors" is a different thing, and occurs when any indisposition induces loss of appetite, languor, disturbed sleep, and other symptoms of the class. He first gives an account of the warm reception he met with at Gottingen from old teachers, friends, and fellow-students. It will be seen from this' statement of Dr. Onychia may prove spine is affected in rare instances. For many years past it lias been our custom, shortly before the commencement of the Winter Session of medical study, them precise information as to the rules and regulations enforced by the various Examining Bodies of Great Britain with interest, not only by Students, but by those who, -though no longer Students in name, still remain Students Surgeon in a remote country district consults it, if not for the guidance of his sons or pupils, at least to note the changes in medical education since the days of his youth, to trace the course of his fellow-pupils who have risen to lectureships and offices in the different hospitals, or seeing Sn the names which fill the places of his old teachers how one after another has passed into the world of shadows, and to compare the reputation of the rising with that of the These are sufficient grounds for folloiving an old custom. The stomach contained imperfectly-masticated food, and The tissues of the alimentary canal were healthy.

The dose for diflereat persons, must be regulated, agreeable to aii:e, coustitiition, and habit, some requiring more and some less, to prodane the desired effect; the patient in Ihese cases, or those who attend on him. The attack had, it is true, been preceded by several weeks of pain in the head, restlessness, and other indications of the brain becoming aS'ected, but by nothing calculated to excite any immediate alarm. From this time I made notes of the case, which I will merely copy from my pocket-book even at the risk of being rather more sensible or conscious than she was at time of visit last night; forms her mouth to speak but cannot utter a word; stiflfhess of neck and back, on attempting to move, is well marked. Ordered a large hot poultice to lower part of abdomen. Most of the cases of acromegaly fall in this group and show at first evidences of hyperpituitarism, and later of insufficiency. There was marked tenderness on pressure over the situation of the circumflex nerve, principally at the sides of the insertion of the Deltoid.

All appears to be fair and above suspicion, but having done the work imposed on them, it then becomes the duty of the College oliicials to see that their part is equally well performed. The intestinal wall is greatly thickened and the mucous membrane of the ileum is thrown into folds like the valvule conniventes. School Booms, Apparatus, Libraries, Kindergartens. Ludwig on the feasibility of this plan, he informed us tliat he had for some time used this metiiod himself for producing immobility in animals in which he was studying the functions of the various cardiac nerves, and had found that no change, either in the blood-pressure or the heart's action, occurred after this lesion of the brain.

In diseases which interfere locally with the circulation the capillaries in the adjacent unaffected portions may be greatly distended.

Professor of Anatomy and Clinical Surgery.

Union took place throughout the whole extent of the horizontal wounds, and throughout all but the most dependent part of the vertical incision, by first intention. It should be given with caution and the effects of the drug carefully watched, as it sometimes produces a dycrotic pulse.

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