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These are alleged to be proofs of the Bulam Fever not attacking a second time; but both instances obviously involve the assumption, that all who have visited the West Indies, have necessarily undergone an attack of Yellow Fever; a fallacy we need which acquired their security by service in the East Indies, is still more palpably defective; because, Dr. William Carlos Williams writes: and concerns many men. These methods, he thought, would speak to the"It" of the patients rather than to their persons. Of the intrinsic and predisposing cause we mention breed. The ligature here is accidently cut, but the artery is seized with forceps.

It is a very fatal disease, usually attacking the best milkers, and rarely appearing before the third calving. You want to see that unqualified men do not get on the Board. (Applause.) interne and afterwards, and particularly during the war and before we went across when we saw so many operated on, I followed through all that time the practice of looking up and examining every appendix that I could find that had been removed from a patient who developed pneumonia either the next day or two days later; and I was astonished to find how little evidence of disease those appendices showed. " Non vota, non ars ulla correptos levant!" In these particular cases there was such great congestion of blood in the brain" that it had the appearance of being enveloped in a layer of dark coagulated blood, or by a diffuse and general ecchyIBOSIS, and in some cases, when it was cut into, large quantities of dark coagulated blood gushed from it and from the theca of the spine." ID the ordinary form of the disease, this appearance was wanting, the blood being principally collected in the abdominal viscera. In the case of the man, the tumour, which was of considerable size, underwent displacement contemporaneously with a very well-marked diminution m volume, under the same treatment as that adopted for the woman.

Occasionally they can be opened externally and Passing now to the study of abnormal respiration from obstruction in the nasal and retronasal spaces, we find effects and symptoms of another order. There has long been a demand for an exclusive genito-urinary journal, and if the standard which characterizes the first number is continued The American Journal of Urology will be considered the officers elected at the Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Louisville, Ky. Imagine that the Herz generator on the mainland is a flame whose light rays are caught by a concave mirror, thrown over to the island, caught there in another concave mirror and focused on the coherer.

These movements are possessed by all of the previously described bodies, plaques, vacuoles, discs, crenated corpuscles, and oil globules, and must not be confounded with the ameboid movements of the malarial organism, which is entirely independent of currents, is slow and characterized by a change in form of the parasite. As it is, however, it is hardly possible to do more than to charitably assume self-deception and nothing more actual than faulty reasoning and imperfect and misdirected This would be the natural and proper mode of view were these assumed discoveries all that were announced. There was a uniform bronzing of the skin, with, likewise, three spots, where the color was deeper, and almost black. CuviLLiER, Louis M "" District of Columbia. After this work is done, he then prepares cavities in extracted teeth, which he is taught to fill with the different filling materials. For the impaired function would affect other processes, which are normally accomplished by that organ, and the possibilities for the entrance into the general circulation of toxic sub.stances, of intestinal putrefaction, for instance, would be increased. Member of the University Hospital Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Medical School: We find the disease on a section of heavy clay one year, and the next on a light loamy soil, so that we have never arrived at a certain conclusion what is really the cause. Often it was better not to stop the drug altogether until one had reached a decreased dosage of one-twentieth of a grain or less, until twenty-four hours could be passed w'ithout the drug, without unpleasant this condition as a practical toxemia affecting the cellular elements of the brain.

An English statistician had the patience to go over the back mortuary notices in of the dead enumerated had passed their Women seem better than men in attaining an old age. On once in moving the right big toe and the left forefinger. The washing will be postponed until to-morrow. One frequently finds a type of ulcer which can hardly be correctly described as conical or funnel shaped, but which should be more accurately defined as" saucer-shaped." In this type the ulcer is usually more shallow and rarely extends deeper than down to the muscle coat. As an aid to prognosis in cases of pneumonia, lobar or lobular, I would especially call attention to the following peculiar condition: In a case in which the patient is yet conscious, but who presents a certain amount of dyspnea, which is readily recognized by the medical attendant or on-looker, but which is apparently unappreciated by the patient, it is wise for the physician to is accompanied by a rhythmic rising and falling of the trachea and by a peculiar clicking noise during respiration, the but which is not easily forgotten when extends, of pathognomonic importance.

To give one fluid are sufficient, the reservoir being filled and refilled with the medication already used. It contains a list, with short descriptive notes, and the principal measurements of all the specimens relating to It is preceded by an Introductory Chapter, explaining the method of classification, the nomenclature, and the measurements used, and followed by a tabulated resume of the average measurements of the different races, and some observations upon the results, also by tables for finding out the prmcipal indices used in craniometry, which, it is hoped, will be useful to future students in saving the labour of innumerable arithmetical calculations.

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