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Outer fragment is not confined to intra-rhomboid fractures.


The systolic retrac Three types of apex tracings: U) normal apex tracing taken over the left ventricle, showing medial to (I), showing svstolic retraction; and (III) from another patient, showing presystolic impulse as due to auricular contraction, and systolic retraction s-d (the apex beat being tion at the apex, so frequently seen in large hearts, is due to the fact that this area is occupied by the right ventricle. The number of leukocytes is only slightly increased, while the blood picture is markedly shifted to the left. This change in teclmique has resulted in the formation of a true temporary cholecystostomy, the technique of which I The incision is carried along the external border of the right sufficient for the introduction of the hand. The author had brought forward the subject principally to aid diagnosis, and to attempt the description of the characters which are peculiai- to syphilitic affections of the naUs, seeing that these characters are not sufficiently noticed in systematic works. Neither the weakened bacillus nor the streptococcus alone could produce the death of the animal, but the mixed cultures could ( These very men on the benches before him are the men who are to follow him and his colleagues in the actual practice of the profession; and what they want is, not only science, but the applications of science to everyday practice. In a short time, and by a few applications, the recovery appeared to be complete. As this angle is enlarged when the lens is thickened in the dii-ection of the visual axis, an increase in size of the border is a sign that the lens is becoming thickened, and in this way the change in the lens produced by accommodation can be directly observed. The case I lost presented the symptoms which Dr. Thirteen of the fortyfive were resyphilised; and four of them were treated hereditary syphilis.

Here we can do no more than give general directions, for to go into detail would occupy too much space, and as this work is intended for physicians, details are unnecessary, and at best would only be suitable for a few cases. WHICH IT HOLDS THE HEAD -THE COMPRESSIBILITY OF THE CHILD'S HEAD. Disraeli, yet sufficiently educated to lose their admiration for stuffed birds? Dr. Goss: In the first attack of the second case Dr. Littleton (Saltash); and quite impossible to attend the meeting of the Medical Provident Fund tc'morrow. Vom Witterungs-Zustand, dem Scharlach mUnulichen Harurohre uud deren Behandluug. Then the other way, with the back of the hand up, known" Yes, it is a wrong way of placing it."" Would it be wa-ong practice to leave the arm in this position, with the back of the hand up, during nine days?" The error, therefore, which has occurred in the newspaper description would lead those who have read the account to suppose that I said the sicpme position was the position, par excellence, whereas, as soon as I was asked to give" the regular and wellknown way" of placing it, I showed the semi-prone Another mistake which has arisen from the newspaper description being so freely circulated, has been, that it has appeared as if I had stated the bones were absolutely grown together, while this assertion was" denied by Mr. The number of cases diagnosed during life is as yet too small to justify any conclusions as to the Treatment. Bumstead and Professor Gross, to the effect that sometimes" tertiary symptoms manifest themselves for the first time from twelve to eighteen years after the primary disease"; and, in the clever way in which Professor Simpson has put it, an ordinary reader might be led to suppose that the authors mentioned believed that constitutional symptoms, in real cases of syphUis, might not appear until after that lapse of time.

Legit - it is with the last-mentioned method my paper will mainly deal. Pouchet has just laid before the French Academy show that the joints of the fore limb of the great ant-eater resemble closely those of the primates. A strong man is portrayed whose life was blasted in early BOSTON MEDICAL AND SVSGJCAl JVlSNAl.

It may be employed witliout danger, if the technicpie is proper, in all forms of tuberculosis. As a rule, all in this block are harmless, though the prefixes which come attached to their characters and dispositions are not at first sight calculated to convey this mild impression. Sutherland m) tells us that cholera accompanied his lingered for some days longer among their women and children, who could not be persuaded to give up their boats.

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