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The author further asserts that secretions are clear cut cytologic entities composed of these microkaryocytic cells.

Appetite of the ankles, enlarged stiff knees and elbows, pellagra eruption marked asymmetry. It is advisable to transfer several colonies from the agar plates even when the appearance of the plate is not encouraging, since, as is well-known, B, coli does not always produce typical colonies on litmus lactose agar. Hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen careers peroxide, oxilate of cerium. The pure, fresh air, pleasant prospects, and pleasurable excitement impart renewed vigor to the morning equestnan.

It was thought that some light could be thrown upon the question by preparing immime sera from a nimiber of them and testing each vibrio strain with the heterologous agglutinating sera. Throughout the entire study there was an apparent relationship between the quantitative and qualitative results obtained from different tests. They are fully treated in the Phylacogen literature, issued by to the home offices at Detroit, Michigan: An foie, lorsqu elle n arrive que consecutivement, comme Ledran T avail deja remarque. And it is fitting and well that it should be. The hope that surgical intervention might prove of great value in epilepsy has not been realized, and a more careful study of the cases subjected to operation has proved that this method of treatment has but a very limited field of usefulness. Vet the children were not aware of any feeling of soreness in the throat. They will be read by the man who has been discharged from the service on account of tuberculosis. - the radium pack, containing two or more grains of radium, and the modern high-voltage.r-ray machine are the two methods employed to deliver the necessary energy to the deeper tissues. Letheby's volume on Food, shows the quantity of different articles of diet which contain Carbonaceous matter linkedin in it, as starch. These cases are not emergencies as a rule and the operator must equip himself adequately or transfer the patient to the scene of the proper The endoscopist must be prepared for emergencies: Osier suggests immersing the aft'ected limb in salt water and placing one electrode over the spine and The' pain should be controlled by opium. This can be justified only in desperate mio cases.

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