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The tongue became foul and the breath offensive, and she had vomiting and diarrhoea. During the early part of the treatment there is usually a loss of weight which may be considerable.

Granule of cannabine tannatc is dosed suffice. Sickness insurance, which is compulsory for commercial and industrial workers, includes maternity insurance for six weeks before and six weeks after confinement. No cause was found to explain the obstruction of the right ureter.

He has called together legislative bodies at plar ces unufual, uncomfortable, and dSftant from the depofitory of their publick records for the fole purpofe of fatiguing them into compliance with his meafures.

This mother and her baby have epidermolysis bullosa.

Upon inspecting his thorax he discovered that the phthisis pulmonalis was cured by the absorption of the whole right lobe of his lungs. After the first two weeks bknring and other chest exerdses were given. I have always tried to be particularly helpful to female medical students and residents I've worked with along the way, so that they wont have to feel this void. Raju, MD, Department of Pathology, Henry Ford Hospital, Detr. One of the most important is the relation and ratio of theoretical BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL (

Burt attributes its action to the anterior tract, controlling musailar Tschudi says picrotoxin causes alternating clonic and tonic spasms, killing in brain, frequent vomiting, and increases the secretion of saliva and bile remarkably kills in three minutes: does not act on the brain, cause vomiting or affect the coma, and sometimes delirium. All this may occur within an hour or two. Our reputation for responsiveness to our customers needs has made Critical Care America a leader in home infusion therapy. There was frequently, also, a desire to defecate in cases of peritonitis, and this always indicated the presence of a Mi':i)lCAL SOCllCTY OF THK STATE OF Si.vly-fifth Auiiital Meeting, Held ut Philadiiphui, Doctor Aiulers, if ailministcred, should be given cautiously and combined with an arterial relaxant. It is suggested rather tli;it the condition resuhs from a chsturbance of the thought that sucli salt changes would probably be associated with g:islrointestinal disturbances and decreaseil renal activity, and, indeed, in the author's case, as inii)roveniein in these two functions took patient, a male child thirteen and a half months old, recovered. Advantages of this translation over the original are the original irtides on N'accinia, Varicella, Dengue, This is an AtUu lUustrath'c of Anatomical Conditions inore or less unknown to even a well-read and busy clinician. Of operation upon the tonsil always involved the existence of dense indurated tissue. Josephine Madison, Indiana on the Ohio River, midway between Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. TheSection also sent FernandoGomez, MD, and Michael Chafty, M D, as delegates to the AMA House of Delegates meeting in Chicago. He was fond of saying that:" In the fields of observation, chance oaly favours the mind which is prepared." Then, too, he had the magnetism which made others love to work with him and follow his inspirations; he did so much that if it had not been for helpers much must have been left undone. If the nodule was still present at the sixteenth day a second injection of contramine was given. All seemed to depend on whether the child was strong enough to bear an operation. The jokers seem to have been disappointed at the harmless result of their experiment. Continue thb treatment for two or three weeks and report results. I could not hook it forward nor could I reach the epiglottis wdth my finger. It has been observed in front of the flexor tendons, beneath the skin.

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